Tron’s Light Cycle has returned to Fortnite: Here is how you can get the glider cover image

Tron’s Light Cycle has returned to Fortnite: Here is how you can get the glider

The popular glider from Tron has returned to Fortnite.

Fortnite has been notorious for its unique and huge collaborations with brands, movies and more. Recently, the company announced a huge collaboration with Disney, which includes Star Wars, Marvel and more.

One popular series owned by Disney that has joined Fortnite in the past, is Tron. Now, the popular fictional world is back in the Battle Royale, with its famous Light Cycle glider making a return.

Here is how you can get the Tron Light Cycle glider in Fortnite.

Tron is back in Fortnite; The Light Cycle glider has returned to the Item Shop

Tron first got its own cosmetics in Fortnite back in 2021, as the famous series dropped a few popular skins and gliders within the Battle Royale.

Every Tron Fortnite cosmetic:

  • Cypher (skin)
  • Firewall (skin)
  • Proxy (skin)
  • Datapath (skin)
  • Packet (skin)
  • Bitstream (skin)
  • Commandline (skin)
  • Upload (skin)
  • Io (skin)
  • Bandwidth (skin)
  • Identity Disc (back bling)
  • Identity Disc (pickaxe)
  • Light Cycle (glider)

While every skin and cosmetic included is huge for the Tron x Fortnite collaboration, right now the Light Cycle glider is what is turning heads within the Fortnite community.

How to get the glider in Fortnite

Acquiring the Light Cycle glider in Fortnite is simple. All you have to do is purchase the cosmetic in the Item Shop. Remember, while the glider may look cool, there is no competitive advantage that purchasing a cosmetic such as the Light Cycle will give you.

Make sure you have V-Bucks, though, because the Light Cycle glider is in the Item Shop and it is begging for you to buy it.

Light Cycle glider V-Bucks:

  • 800 V-Bucks

Once purchased, all you have to do is head to your Fortnite Locker and equip the glider.

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