These unique Fortnite cosplays bring the popular Battle Royale to life.

Cosplaying is an art; there is no secret to that. Many cosplayers spend hours perfecting some of their costumes if not days. Fortnite is no exception to the cosplay world, as many have created some of the most detailed costumes out there for the Battle Royale.

Here are some of the best and most realistic Fortnite cosplays.

Fortnite in real life: Cosplays that make you think you've just dropped off the Battle Bus

Cosplaying has been around for a long time now, as people love to see their favorite fictional characters come to life. Since Fortnite's start, many have been creating unique costumes for the game's characters.

Here are some of the best Fortnite cosplays other people have created.

'Ruby' cosplays

Boardwalk Ruby Cosplay (Creator: 99annamarie)
Ruby Shadows Cosplay (Creator: Sylvercy)
Ruby Cosplay (Creator: Minami)
Ruby Cosplay (Creator: Sylvercy)

Released in Chapter 1, Season X, "Ruby" immediately became a favorite character among many. The skin has seen many variations since its release, such as "Boardwalk Ruby" and "Ruby Shadows". To this day, Ruby is still a very popular skin in the Fortnite community.

'Brite Bomber' cosplays

Brite Bomber Cosplay (Creator: Amouranth)
Brite Bomber Cosplay (Creator: Bullet Witch Cosplay)
Brite Bomber Cosplay (Creator: Littlejem)

First released back in Chapter 1, Season 2, Fortnite's "Brite Bomber" has been a staple within the game's community. Being one of the earlier skins released in the game, it has claimed that title as an OG. This has made the skin see quite a few different costumes over the years, exclaiming its popularity within the Fortnite community.

'Drift' cosplays

Drift Cosplay (Creator: JacobGourdie)
Drift Cosplay (Creator: Gibson)
Drift Cosplay (Creator: Kevin Kash Lopez)

Notoriously one of Fortnite's most popular battle pass skins, "Drift" has become one of the coolest skins to wear in-game and in real life. The cosplays that have been created for this skin are not only unique but are also incredibly cool. The skin has been around since Chapter 1, Season 5, and is still used by quite a few players.

'Renegade Raider' cosplay

Renegade Raider cosplay (Creator: lunastorta5350)
Renegade Raider cosplay (Creator: magnificentnoone)
Renegade Raider cosplay (Creator: Sylvercy)
Renegade Raider cosplay (Creator: Geekstrong)

Released in Chapter 1, Season 1, and never being released again, Fortnite's "Renegade Raider" became possibly the rarest skin within the game. Those who own this skin have been with Forntite since the beginning, making it a massive bragging right. Its popularity has made it big within the cosplay scene, making way for multiple unique costumes.

'Ghoul Trooper' cosplay

Ghoul Trooper cosplay (Creator: Kikikiana)
Ghoul Trooper cosplay (Creator: justfoxii)
Ghoul Trooper cosplay (Creator: Jilikat)
Ghoul Trooper cosplay (Creator: Sylvercy)

Some spend all their time developing a unique costume for their cosplay, but some put their enthusiasm into doing the makeup of a character. A prime example is Fortnite's "Ghoul Trooper". Those cosplaying the spooky Battle Royale character mainly have to focus on makeup, considering the entire zombie has green skin, making it a great cosplay for Halloween.

Honorable mentions

With so many unique Fortnite cosplays out there, picking the best was extremely difficult. The entire gaming scene has created so many intricate cosplays for the characters, and there are a lot of creators who do not deserve to be left out.

Here are a few honorable mentions for the best Fortnite cosplays.

Pokimane's 'Triple Threat' cosplay

Pokimane's Triple Threat cosplay
Pokimane's Triple Threat cosplay

Being one of the most popular Twitch streamers to date, Pokimane has come forth with quite a few unique cosplays during her career. One of her more famous ones was Fortnite's "Triple Threat" cosplay; the basketball-themed skin.

Reddysh's 'Mary Jane' cosplay

Reddysh's Mary Jane cosplay
Reddysh's Mary Jane cosplay

While traditionally being a "Spider-man" character, Fortnite created their own version of the love interest to Peter Parker; Mary Jane Watson. Popular Fortnite streamer Reddysh decided to recreate the skin. Having the perfect color of hair for the cosplay, Reddysh deserves a spot on our list of best Fortnite cosplays.

As Fortnite continues to thrive, we should expect to see more and more creators develop their own unique Fortnite cosplays.

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