Interstellar Bass in Fortnite: How to get the popular emote cover image

Interstellar Bass in Fortnite: How to get the popular emote

A new emote has appeared in Fortnite, but what exactly is it from?

Fortnite just dropped a brand new emote apart of the Icon Series called "Interstellar Bass." While many fans are hyped for this new dance, a lot of people are a bit confused as to what it is from. Sounds like a song from the 80s or something, right? Well... you'd be surprised.

The new Interstellar Bass emote has a bit different history than one would expect, making it a hilarious addition to the game.

Interstellar Bass: What is the new Fortnite emote from?

Interstellar Bass is not derived from an actual hit single from the 80s as many gamers are starting to theorize. No, the popular dance comes from comedian Kyle Gordon, who is known for making parodies of different types of music.

Gordon's song, Planet of the Bass, is directly poking fun at old Euro-pop techno songs from the 80s. The fact that many are confused, thinking this might actually just be an old song from that era, means his parody did exactly what it was meant to do.

The dance itself is simple, as it is just a few motions with the arms and legs. The player's character also puts on a fresh pair of sunglasses like the ones Gordon is wearing in the music video.

The emote is available for Fortnite: Battle Royale and LEGO Fortnite, but how do players get it?

How to get the Interstellar Bass emote in Fortnite

The new emote is easy to grab within the game, as long as you have V-Bucks. The Interstellar Bass emote is not something Fortnite is making accessible through a Battle Pass or winning a tournament. To get the new dance, you simply just have to buy it.

So how many V-Bucks is the new emote?

Interstellar Bass V-Bucks cost:

  • 500 V-Bucks

Once the emote is purchased, it will be available for use in Fortnite, Fortnite Creative and LEGO Fortnite. Grab it now before it leaves the Item Shop!

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