It’s time to upgrade that village in LEGO Fortnite: Here’s how and why you might be struggling.

In LEGO Fortnite, once you place down a Village Square, you can start to develop a Village that will automatically gather resources, attract Villagers, protect you, and otherwise make playing through LEGO Fortnite much better. But you’ll also need to upgrade your Village in order to attract new Villagers and expand. Here’s how to upgrade your Village in LEGO Fortnite.

How to upgrade the Village in LEGO Fortnite

  1. Go to the Village Square and interact to bring up the Village Upgrades menu.
  2. Select the second tab at the top of the menu to see your current level and requirements to upgrade.
  3. Add to your village and obtain specific resources to meet requirements.
  4. Select upgrade village once requirements are met.
(Image via Games)
(Image via Games)

As you get higher and higher level with your Village, you’ll need more difficult to obtain items to level up. This is where items like Knotroot, and other hard-to-get materials will become useful. Luckily, for Knotroot, we have a handy guide.

Level 1Build Village Square
Level 215 Wood & 15 Granite
Level 310 Planks & 20 Granite
Level 410 Knotroot, 15 Planks & 25 Granite
Level 515 Knotroot, 20 Planks & 15 Marble
Level 620 Knotroot & 30 Granite Slabs
Level 720 Knotroot Rods & 20 Marble Slabs
Level 830 Marble Slab & 10 Rough Amber
Level 915 Flexwood, 15 Obsidian & 10 Cut Amber
Level 1015 Flexwood Rods, 30 Obsidian Slabs & 20 Cut Amber

Required levels and resources to upgrade village in LEGO Fortnite

Why can’t I recruit more Villagers?

(Image via Games)
(Image via Games)

If you’re struggling to recruit Villagers, it’s usually to do with your Village level. Make sure you’re at the required level, and have used all your upgrade slots and filled all requirements. Villagers will also need beds, and some later level villagers will have specific buildings and workbenches they’ll need before they’ll join your village. Overall, just check the upgrade village requirements before giving up!

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