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How to unlock Nezumi in Fortnite cover image

How to unlock Nezumi in Fortnite


Here is how you can unlock Nezumi in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1.

Fortnite's Chapter 4, Season 1 has given players more than they could have ever asked for, with a new map, cosmetics, weapons and more. Among these cosmetics is the legendary skin, Nezumi.
Here is how you can unlock Nezumi, and dominate with her on the battlefield.

How to get Nezumi in Fortnite

Nezumi's character remains an unlockable character for those who have purchased the battle pass. Just purchasing it is not enough to require the skin for yourself.
To unlock the Nezumi skin, you must purchase her with nine battle stars. Battle stars are a currency in Fortnite used to purchase items in the battle pass.
Nezumi is not the first perk you are able to unlock on page nine in the battle pass. In fact, to unlock her, you have to unlock six other perks first. This will require you to spend 29 battle stars on page nine, making 38 the amount you'll have spent when you purchase Nezumi.
To get battle stars, players will have to complete challenges in-game, get eliminations, or secure a victory royale. Once done you will have the battle stars available to purchase Nezumi or other cosmetics and perks in the battle pass.
Nezumi also has a second style called the Exile Nezumi, a more colorful version of the original character.

Who is Nezumi and why is she in Fortnite?

Nezumi's role in the Fortnite storyline is currently unknown, but with how far her skin is into the battle pass, we can only guess she will play a prominent role in the storyline.
Do not let the anime style of artwork confuse you. Nezumi is not originally from a popular anime but is instead a Fortnite original. Fortnite has released multiple original anime skins in the past, making Nezumi another part of their anime series.
With other anime collaborations seen so far this season, such as My Hero Academia, we can only hope for more popular anime characters to be featured in the game.
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