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How to unlock Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite: All Quests explained

Ahsoka Tano awaits you in Fortnite!

Fortnite Battle Royale has officially welcomed Ahsoka Tano to the list of playable characters to unlock. The titular Jedi of the “Ahsoka” Disney+ series joins an elite group of Star Wars characters in Fortnite, including Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia Organa, and more. 

However, unlocking Ahsoka Tano requires more than just spending your hard-earned V-Bucks. Instead, you must complete various Quests. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of how you can unlock Ahsoka Tano in Fortnite. 

How to complete all Ahsoka Tano Quests in Fortnite

There are nine cosmetic items that you can unlock as part of the Ahsoka Tano crossover. These include the base Outfit, Back Bling, Emote, Loading Screen, Pickaxe, Glider, and more. 

Below, we have provided a list of the Quests that you must complete to unlock the corresponding Ahsoka Fornite cosmetic item: 

Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay (0/3) – Unlocks Ahsoka Tano Skin

Fulcrum Token Locations at Relentless Retreat
Fulcrum Token Locations at Relentless Retreat

You can find Fulcrum Tokens at various spots around the map. However, this Quest requires you to collect the tokens at Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay.

Fulcrum Tokens appear scattered throughout both points of interest (POIs), so you will need to search the area. We landed at Relentless Retreat and found the Tokens at the locations marked above. After collecting all three, you will receive the Ahsoka Tano skin.

Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Kenjutsu Crossing or Slappy Shores (0/3) – Unlocks Morai Back Bling

Fulcrum Token Locations at Kenjutsu Crossing
Fulcrum Token Locations at Kenjutsu Crossing

This Quest is a repeat of the previous challenge, except you need to locate and collect the Fulcrum Tokens in Kenjutsu Crossing or Slappy Shores. We chose Kenjutsu Crossing and queued into Team Rumble.

After landing, we collected healing items to use while sustaining storm damage and ultimately found all three Fulcrum Tokens. This Quest grants you the Morai Back Bling.

Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Sanguine Suites or Rumble Ruins (0/3) – Unlocks Star Map Wrap

Fulcrum Token Locations at Sanguine Suites
Fulcrum Token Locations at Sanguine Suites

The following Quest is a repeat of the two previous challenges, but again in a different location. This requires you to head to Sanguine Suites or Rumble Ruins and collect three more Fulcrum Tokens.

We recommend doing this in Team Rumble, as you will respawn and not have as much company when trying to complete the Quest. Our team landed Sanguine Suites and found the three Fulcrum Tokens relatively quickly.

Gain Shields (0/1000) – Unlocks Lil' T-6 Shuttle Emote

This Ahsoka Tano Quest requires you to gain 1,000 Shields, which is relatively straightforward. You will start each match with zero Shield, and you can gain up to 100 using Shield Potions, Mini Shield Potions, Slap Splashes, and other various healing items.

It should only take ten matches minimum to drop into a game, gain 100 Shields, and repeat. Otherwise, you can stick around and take damage from other players or non-player characters (NPCs) to complete this Quest.

Be the first player to land, search a chest, or eliminate a player in a match – Unlocks Fulcrum Ascending Loading Screen

This next Quest can be challenging if you are not quick enough. You must exit the Battle Bus early and be the first player to land, search a chest, or eliminate a player. We went with the "search a chest" option as it was the easiest of the three.

In Team Rumble, we jumped from the Battle Bus and quickly found a chest nearby. After opening it, we completed this Quest and unlocked the Fulcrum Ascending Loading Screen.

Survive storm circles while carrying a weapon of Legendary rarity or higher (0/5) – Unlocks Banner Icon

This Fortnite Ahsoka Tano Quest involves a definite time commitment, requiring you to survive five Storm Circles while carrying a Legendary, Mythic, or Exotic weapon.

There are a few ways you can approach this challenge, which we have outlined below:

  1. Land near Holo Chests, collect keys and open a Holo Chest to retrieve a Legendary or higher rarity weapon.
  2. Drop at one of the three Mythic POIs (Sanguine Suites, Relentless Retreat, or Eclipsed Estate) and grab one of the Mythic items from the Vault.
  3. Locate an Ahsoka Tano Hologram and obtain a Mythic Lightsaber.
  4. Find an Epic Chest and add the Legendary weapon to your inventory.
  5. Locate and eliminate a player or NPCs and hope they have a Legendary, Mythic, or Exotic weapon you can take.

The first option is perhaps the easiest and best to complete in Team Rumble; you will unlock the Banner Icon once complete.

Damage opponents with a melee weapon (0/250) – Unlocks Ahsoka's Staff Pickaxe

We have arrived at one of the trickier Fortnite Ahsoka Quests. This one requires you to deal damage with a melee weapon. While you may think that means you have to use your Pickaxe, that is not the case.

You can certainly use your Pickaxe, but it is much easier to obtain a Lightsaber from an Ahsoka Tano Hologram and use that melee weapon to your advantage. It's worth reiterating that this challenge is easier to complete in Team Rumble.

After dealing 250 damage, you will receive Ahsoka's Staff Pickaxe.

Complete a job from a job board – Unlocks Ready Rebel Spray

Job boards are located in virtually every POI on the map. These give you tasks such as searching Chests, eliminating opponents and collecting Gold Bars. To complete this, we selected the task requiring you to open five chests in a limited time.

We were able to complete this quickly and unlock the Ready Rebel Spray.

Damage opponents farther than 20 meters (0/1,500) – Unlocks Watchful Companion Emoticon

The last stop on our Fortnite Ahsoka Tano journey tasks you with damaging opponents from farther than 20 meters away. In keeping with this guide's trend, you will want to head to Team Rumble for this Quest.

Grab a long-range weapon after landing on the Island; we recommend the Twin Mag Assault Rifle. Next, build yourself a base and then wreak havoc on all challengers. Before you know it, you will surpass the 1,500 damage and unlock the Watchful Companion Emoticon.

These Ahsoka Tano Fortnite Quests are live, so head into the Island and become one with the force.

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