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How to recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite

Here is a guide on how to recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite

Fortnite's Chapter 4, Season 2 has held quite a few different surprises for players. One of those infamous surprises has been the Combat Cache. These small devices land on the island and give the players who locate them some of the best loot in the game.

Here is everything you need to know about Combat Caches in Fortnite and how to recover them.

Fortnite's Combat Cache: How to recover them and more...

Think of the Combat Cache as the game's new version of loot drops, except with a twist. These tiny capsules do not appear on the map until the third storm begins. Once they land on the island, they will appear as an icon on the map.

Hurry though, because everyone alive can see where they are.

Combat Cache Fortnite
Combat Cache Fortnite

Now here is the catch, these devices do not open simultaneously as you find them. In fact, you have to activate the Combat Cache first and then wait 50 seconds holding the area before you are rewarded.

This leaves you out in the open, allowing other players to locate you and clean up your scraps. So be hasty.

What sort of loot comes in a Combat Cache?

A Combat Cache in Fortnite has a variety of loot, from gold shotguns to slurp juice. The only thing, is the devices degrade as the match goes on.

This means that when a Combat Cache lands on the island, all of the weapons inside it are of gold rarity, but as the match ensues the rarity will decrease.

Combat Cache Loot Fortnite
Combat Cache Loot Fortnite

For the best loot, players will want to locate and head to the Combat Cache as soon as they see it appear on the map. The only difficult part of this is you will not be the only one seeking the capsule's loot. Be prepared to fight.

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