Fortnite now has a reward you can claim in Discord.

Fortnite is now teaming up with Discord, the popular communication app, giving away a reward to those who follow a few specific steps.

Here is how you can get the Fortnite Discord reward.

Fortnite Discord reward: How to claim it

Claiming the new Fortnite Discord reward is quite simple. There are just a few steps players have to follow, which also includes playing the game for a bit.

Steps to claiming the Fortnite Discord reward:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Go to Discord Settings
  3. Click on Gift Inventory
  4. Claim the Fortnite Quest
  5. Play Fortnite Reload for 15 minutes

You have to make sure you claim the quest in Discord before actually playing Fortnite Reload for 15 minutes, or else it will not count your playtime. Once finished, you will be rewarded with a new Discord Avatar Decoration for your profile.

The reward is only available up until July 4, 2024, so hurry and grab it now! This could be a one-time thing, which would make the reward extremely rare in the future.

What is the reward

The new Fortnite Discord reward is an Avatar Decoration that will go next to your profile name on Discord. It is a Fortnite Crown, which is given to players every time they win a game.

Have you ever heard of a "crown win?" Well, those are from Fortnite, and these are the crowns players achieve when they get a Victory Royale.

The new collaboration sparks a brand new era for Fortnite, as they have not partnered with Discord in the past. Now, players will be able to show off to their Discord friends and prove that they are among the rest of the popular Fortnite fanbase.

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