Here is how you can get the popular Glitch skin in Fortnite.

Every once in a while Fortnite releases a skin that ends up being a bit more popular and rarer than others. The Glitch skin, which is considered an Epic Fortnite skin, has officially hit the Item Shop again, so players are wondering how to get it and what its origins are.

Here is everything you need to know about the Glitch skin, including how to get it, its history and more.

Glitch: How to get the skin in Fortnite

Trying to get the infamous Glitch skin in Fortnite? This dark purple outfit has become a fan favorite amongst the Fortnite community. So how does one get the Glitch skin in Fortnite? Well, all you have to do is purchase it from the Item Shop whenever it is available.

Glitch Fortnite skin cost:

  • 1,500 V-Bucks

As of April 22, 2024, the skin is currently in the Item Shop, so go grab it now. There is also a bundle worth 2,400 V-Bucks that includes the skin too.

So what is the history of Glitch in Fortnite? And why is she an Epic skin?

The history of Glitch

Glitch has not been around for as long as other skins, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a favorite amongst everyone. The skin first dropped back in Chapter 3, Season 4, only making it a few years old.

Its sleek and robotic design was favored by many. The outfit is also a part of the Machine Learning bundle, which includes the following items:

  • Errant (Skin)
  • Glitch (Skin)
  • Signal Server (Back Bling)
  • Power Panels (Back Bling)
  • Code Cutter (Pickaxe)
  • Protowave (Wrap)
  • Scanlight (Wrap)
  • Closed Circuit

The bundle and skin have been in the Item Shop 20 times since their release, and players can expect to see the skin many more times in the future.

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