Looking to sharpen your Fortnite skills? This guide might be just what you need!

It's no secret that Fortnite is a complex game. The popular Battle Royale has evolved significantly, unlike most others in the genre. Epic Games has introduced various mechanics to deepen the skill gap. Aiming, building, editing, and dynamic movement are just a few aspects to consider.

If you want to improve your skills, below is a comprehensive guide to improving at Fortnite. We have covered several game components to make your life easier and help you earn those Victory Royales.

How to get better at building in Fortnite

Fortnite's building and editing mechanics are unquestionably the two features that set it apart from other games. Since 2017, players have strived to find the best ways to build and edit.

Nowadays, it is challenging to queue into a public match and not come across a player with serviceable building and editing skills. Understanding and improving your building and editing is critical if you hope to improve at Fortnite.

You may have heard the term "cranking 90s" in relation to Fortnite. This phrase refers to a player who can rapidly build structures to gain a height advantage. Mastering the 90 is worthwhile and is the perfect gateway to learning more advanced strategies.

Many resources are at your disposal to help get you up to speed. We have listed three options below. These allow you to practice basic ramping techniques, building one-by-one boxes, and more basic building and editing methods.

Tools to make you a better builder and editor

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  • Creative Islands: A helpful tool for those hoping to get better at building and editing. These islands allow you to free-build and become more comfortable with the different controls and methods.
  • Creative Maps: An equally valuable tool designed to help you practice building and editing. Some of the best players used building and editing courses to sharpen their skills.
  • Testing your skills in a match: The ultimate test is heading into a match and seeing what you can do. While practicing is critical, it's all for nothing if you can't replicate it in-game. After a few rounds in a creative map or island, head into a public match and read your building and editing abilities.

The only way to master these mechanics is with repetition. It's important not to let a bad play or unfortunate circumstance discourage you. Your best bet is to queue into another match and keep trying or head back to Creative for more practice.

Building and Editing Practice Maps

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image 2
image 3
  • Crank Simulater Infinity by Gamerfam (0633-5010-2549)
  • Amazing Edit Course by candook (5866-8252-4604)
  • Flea's Editing Dictionary by Flea (7301-0487-6832)

How to get better at aiming in Fortnite

Aiming in Fortnite is a fundamental mechanic that can make or break your ability to win a match. It can be challenging, but there are many ways to improve.

With Fortnite being a third-person shooter, the game utilizes a bloom mechanic. As a result, precision and an understanding of the various weapons is crucial.

Familiarizing yourself with each weapon and its properties is an excellent place to start. The best way to learn and practice with all weapons is through aim training maps.

Aim trainers exist to help you improve your accuracy. Many maps allow you to select a weapon and see how you fare. It is also the best way to experience close, mid, and long-range encounters.

Aim Training Maps

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image 2
image 3
  • Raider's Aim Training Map by Raider464 (6531-5731-1207)
  • Chapter 4 Warm-Up by Teadoh (7264-2987-8032)
  • Aim + Mechanics by xerex60 (1611-0113-8283)

It's worth noting that Fortnite players exist in two input categories; controller and keyboard and mouse. Controller players benefit from aim assist, whereas keyboard and mouse players do not.

This distinction is essential to make. However, all players can benefit from an aim training map or in-game battle to improve at Fortnite.

How to master movement + Zero Build

Remember that Fortnite has a game mode that completely takes building and editing out of the equation. In early Chapter 3, Epic Games unveiled Zero Build, a game mode for those wanting to enjoy Fortnite without building and editing.

While this mode is something many players enjoy, it can be challenging. The lack of building in Zero Build means your movement and understanding of the landscape are much more crucial.

Being able to slide, duck behind cover, utilize angles, use the environment to your advantage, and out-maneuver your enemy is the best way to approach Zero Build. In terms of practicing, you should jump into a public match and see what the game mode offers.

As stated before, growth in Fortnite comes with repetition. Before long, you will understand the best weapons, items, locations, and movements to utilize in Battle Royale and Zero Build.

How to put all your Fortnite skills to the test

Upon reaching a comfortable level where your aiming, building, and editing have improved, your next step is to test those skills. Box fight or zone wars creative maps are the best options without stepping into a public or ranked match.

Box fighting has become an art in competitive Fortnite, where two or more players attack each other's structures to gain an advantage and ultimately look to eliminate the opposition. You often see the most extraordinary talents utilizing this technique in competitive matches.

On the other hand, zone wars is an actual test of everything Fortnite has become over the years. Players spawn into zone wars with a randomized loadout and must use their weapons, building, editing, and aiming while staying ahead of a moving storm circle.

It encompasses everything about the game and will help you understand what competitive Fortnite looks like at the highest level.

Box Fight Maps

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image 2
image 3
  • PANDVIL Box Fight 2v2 by pandvil (6562-8953-6567)
  • BOX PVP by Hive Creative (2515-6266-7600)
  • PANDVIL Box PvP by pandvil (2987-5348-6181)

Zone Wars Maps

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image 2
image 3
  • 32 Player Zone Wars by Droia (5295-5891-6929)
  • Tilted Zone Wars by PrettyBoyyAM (3729-0643-9775)
  • GO GOATED! by TheBoyDilly (3305-1551-7747)

Build Fight Maps

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image 2
image 3
  • Realistic PvP - Free For All by pandvil (0563-9687-6084)
  • Finest Realistic 2 1v1 - 4v4 by Finest (6078-7811-0032)
  • 1v1 Build Fights! by Raider464 (1832-0431-4852)

All in all, practice makes better in Fortnite. Whether you're a Battle Royale or Zero Build fan, you can improve each day in infinite ways. Using this guide should help you as long as you are persistent.

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