How to get better at Fortnite? The answer is a combination of several different modes and lots of practice.

Everyone wants to be the next Clix, Bugha, or Mongraal. In order to be the best, you need to learn how to get better at Fortnite. There are several different aspects of the game that you must focus on. This guide will help you improve and become a better Fortnite player.

Play Creative Maps - Realistics, Box Fights, Build fights, and more!

After Creative Mode's introduction in late 2018, Fortnite players have improved much faster. The reason is that Creative allows players to focus on specific elements of the game without spending time looting, farming, or rotating. This targetted practice is vital to any player's routine.

BHE's 1v1 Build Fight Map - Code: 8064-7152-2934
BHE's 1v1 Build Fight Map - Code: 8064-7152-2934

The key to these maps is the repeated practice of building, shooting, and editing. Each map has unique advantages, but overall they are used to fight players. While playing these maps, you should try to focus on one or two specific pieces to improve. For example, a high-ground retake or your angles during fights.

Here are a few specifics to work on:

  • Piece control
  • Proper angles
  • Build control
  • Damage trading
  • Retakes
  • Crosshair control

You can play against friends or queue up against random opponents. It is important to play against several different players. You do not want to get used to only fighting one person as you will encounter various playstyles in battle royale matches.

The goal should be to fight against better players as your skill improves. It is detrimental to constantly play against worse players or the same player, as you will not develop as quickly.

Creative Map Codes:

  • Finest's Realistic (1v1) - 7950-6306-4857
  • BHE Build Fights (1v1) - 8064-7152-2934
  • Pandvil Box Fights (1v1-4v4) - 2229-0077-4833
  • Raider464's Aim Duel - 7117-2471-3843
  • Pandvil Headshot Only FFA - 3329-5130-6548

Free build in Creative Mode

Now, you can use a variety of maps, but I prefer to use my own blank island when free building. There are no frills or special instructions. You just jump into your own creative island and start building.

Typically, players practice a combination of 90s, tunnels, piece control, and retakes. It is up to the player to decide what exactly they want to build. Your ultimate goal of free building is to improve building and editing speed while generating muscle memory. When free building, you will put yourself in awkward situations. This will prepare you for awkward edits or builds while in other modes.

You can work on specific combinations while in creative. Actually, I would recommend working to improve upon a couple of different techniques while cranking.

My goal for example is to become more consistent with triple edits and side jumps. Even without targetted practice, free building puts players in an infinite amount of builds and edits. This helps create muscle memory and increase speed. Consider this your warm-up.

Play Arena Mode to get better at Fortnite

Lots of players tend to avoid Arena Mode. They might find it difficult, boring, or for some other reason. Ultimately, this is the best way to get regular in-game practice at all times. You can queue into Arena as a solo or with teammates. In all modes, this helps you get better at Fortnite by simply playing the base mode against better opponents.

Arena is great for a ton of different reasons. First, you can practice landing at your drop spot and fighting against other players. You need to learn how to land, where to land, and the positions to prioritize. When practicing your drop, find the most loot dense or material dense areas.

Next, Arena provides players the opportunity to learn about rotating. As the storm forces you in different directions, you will combat other players. Over time, you will learn areas that players rotate from and too. This hands-on learning is the only way to truly understand macro player movements.

Finally, the fights in Arena are the most realistic practice. You will come across endless variations of fights and be forced to work your way out of those situations. There are not any Creative Maps that can replicate those fights.

Play EVERY Tournament that you can!

One of the biggest ways you can improve at Fortnite is to put in the reps. There is nothing like the pressure of a tournament. This pressure, the nerves you feel are important to your general improvement. You will experience nervousness as you reach higher and higher stakes. The key is to play as much as you can so that you feel comfortable in stressful situations.

Generally, the nerves will never fully go away. However, you can learn to play through them and become more consistent. We all had that feeling while playing - your first Victory Royale, your first win in a tournament, etc. Your heart starts racings, your hands get sweaty, and your gameplay suffers because of it. Instead of trying to escape those moments, embrace them!

You should play in every tournament possible, from FNCS to Hype Cups to Cash Cups to Skin Cups. The repetition and experience is invaluable to your improvement as a player.

VOD Reviewing will help you be a better Fortnite player

First, let me explain what is VOD reviewing. VOD reviewing is the act of watching back a game to learn from the match. There are two variations; watching yourself and watching others. Both options have several benefits.

VOD reviewing yourself is important to understand your mistakes and create a better idea of who you are as a player. You go into the 'Career' tab, click on 'Replays,' and can choose a match to watch.

When you watch yourself the goal is to pick up on themes or common mistakes. You should avoid trying to write down every single thing that went wrong. You will be overwhelmed and not improve as quickly.

If you are watching other players, the goal is to learn a couple of things to add to your gameplay. Did they do something you have never seen before? Did they show you how to improve one of your strategies?

All of this can be taken into account when watching others. The in-game tournament replay system allows players to watch back all the games from tournaments. You can watch the best players and even players who struggled.

Ultimately, the goal of VOD reviewing is to make you a better Fortnite player. You get a different perspective of the game and it allows you to generate a greater understanding of the game. If you want an in-depth explanation of how to VOD review, check out Reisshub's video down below.

Don't believe what anyone says when they tell you Fortnite is dead because it's very much alive. So make use of these tips to sharpen your skills and flex on your friends.