Here is a guide on how to get the Aspect of Siphon Medallion in Fortnite.

The Aspect of Siphon Medallion has become a huge favorite in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2. Many players strive to grab the popular item within competitive, due to the current lack of siphon. But how does a player get the Aspect of Siphon Medallion in Fortnite?

Aspect of Siphon: How to get the Medallion in Fortnite

Acquiring the Aspect of Siphon Medallion in Fortnite is somewhat simple, you just need to be prepared. You first must head to the location named The Underworld on the map. Once there, you need to locate Hades.

The popular Greek God will be walking around the POI. Once you find him, challenge him to a battle. After he is defeated, he will drop the Aspect of Siphon Medallion, which you can then pick up.

Let's review the steps to gaining the Aspect of Siphon Medallion in Fortnite:

  1. Land at The Underworld
  2. Challenge Hades
  3. Defeat Hades
  4. Pick up the Medallion

What does the Medallion do?

The Aspect of Siphon Medallion does exactly what its name suggests: it provides players with siphon.

So what is siphon in Fortnite? Siphon is the 50 health a player gains after defeating another player. Siphon was first made popular in Arena mode, which has now been converted to Ranked. Once Ranked released, Fortnite removed siphon, which upset a lot of players.

Now, with the new Aspect of Siphon Medallion in the game, only one team per lobby will be able to have siphon, making the Medallion highly sought after. This means many players will be landing at The Underworld, so have your weapons prepared.

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