Here is how you can gather laid eggs in Fortnite to complete the Spring Breakout challenge.

The Spring Breakout challenges are here for Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2. One of these challenges, correlating with Easter, is the "Gather Laid Eggs" challenge.

Need help figuring out how to gather laid eggs in Fortnite? We have got you covered.

How to gather laid eggs in Fortnite: Where to find them and more...

Gathering the laid eggs is the easy part, but finding them is what becomes somewhat tedious. So, where is the first place one should look when looking to locate eggs in Fortnite?

The answer is simple; chickens.

Fortnite Chicken Eggs via Eurogamer
Fortnite Chicken Eggs via Eurogamer

Chickens are located all throughout the map, but you will find them most prominent in Frenzy Fields. The large farm carious a copious amount of these birds, giving you a better chance at gathering all the eggs you need for the Spring Breakout challenge.

So how does one actually get the chicken to lay eggs?

Well, unfortunately, you cannot just force the chicken to lay an egg. You have to wait patiently before it does so. The best way to do this is to just follow the chicken around until it lays an egg.

Frenzy Fields Chicken Eggs Fortnite via Epic Games
Frenzy Fields Chicken Eggs Fortnite via Epic Games

Once done, simply pick up the egg. That is it! It is that simple. You have now gathered your first laid egg in Fortnite. Now it is time to gather the set amount and claim your prizes. You will also earn 20k XP for each stage of this challenge.

Fortnite chicken eggs are not just good for challenges...

The eggs are not just useful for completing challenges but also can help players on the battlefield. There are three different types of eggs that a chicken can lay, and each one gives players a unique ability.

Here is each egg and its effect:

  • Heal Eggs (Restores health)
  • Hop Eggs (Zero gravity)
  • Gold Eggs (Gold bars)

Each one of these effects can prove useful in your game, so do not sleep on laid eggs in Fortnite.

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