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How to fix Matchmaking Error in Fortnite

Here are a few steps to fix the Fortnite Matchmaking error

There are millions of players playing Fortnite every day all over the world. The popular battle royale game brings out regular updates and during these updates, players might be unable to play Fortnite. But sometimes, it’s also due to player-side problems that they cannot access Fortnite matchmaking. Here’s how to fix the Matchmaking error in Fortnite. 

How to fix Matchmaking Error #1 in Fortnite

  1. Restart your Game
  2. Restart your Router
  3. Test for Internet Connectivity Issues
  4. Change Matchmaking region
  5. Verify Game File Integrity
  6. Re-Install Fortnite

The matchmaking error in Fortnite is usually caused due to either a connection issue or corrupted files. We recommend checking if your game has any updates and if it has, please update your game. 

An alternative scenario could arise from the servers unexpectedly handling a barrage of players. If there’s immense traffic and pressure on the server, it could prevent you from accessing Matchmaking in Fortnite.

Updating Fortnite ensures that any corrupted files or missing files receive a fix as soon as possible. This should be more than enough to enter Fortnite. 

For some players, changing the matchmaking region also seems to work. Here’s how you can change your matchmaking region in Fortnite:

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Gear Icon and change  your matchmaking region

What about on Android devices

Make sure that your Android phone is not rooted as this violates the Epic Games Terms of Service. Additionally, you also have to ensure that Developer Options are disabled on your devices. 

What Causes Fortnite Matchmaking Error #1?

Fortnite Matchmaking Error #1 is caused due to a number of reasons. They might include server issues, corrupted game files, or even connectivity issues. Here are a few examples:

  • Server outages
  • Connection issues between the Client PC and server
  • Corrupted Game Files
  • Overwhelmed servers (Traffic)

The error means players are unable to join matchmaking in Fortnite. In some rare instances, it could also result in players being unable even to start their game. 

If you are still facing problems despite following all the steps above and there are no server issues, we recommend communicating with Epic Games. You can do so by sending them a message on Twitter or via email. 

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