The error is mostly due to a connection issue and here’s how to fix it.

When they start the game, all players want to do is jump into Fortnite Battle Royale. However, sometimes a few errors might stop you from playing the game and enjoying the different cosmetic skins. One such error is the ESP-Buimet-003 error in Fortnite. Here’s how to fix the ESP-Buinet-003 Error in Fortnite.

What is the ESP-Buimet-003 Error in Fortnite?

The ESP-Buimet-003 error usually occurs when your system encounters an error while connecting to the server. While DNS error is the most common culprit, it could also be due to a host of other reasons. In this article, we attempt to cover most of the common problems and their fixes. After going through the steps in this article, you should be able to resolve the ESP-Buimet-003 error and play the game as you originally intended to.

How to fix Fortnite’s ESOP-Buimet-003 error?

The problem seems to be impacting Xbox users for the most part. However, there have been reports of players on other platforms, including PC and PS5 being impacted by this error. 

Reset System

The first step is to reset your system. It could be your Xbox, PlayStation or even your PC. An alternative to this would be to simply just restart the game, but we recommend restarting the system altogether. It ensures that the cache is cleared and any unintended problematic processes that might lead to this problem are removed with the restart. 

Reset Router

Since the ESP-Buimet-003 error is mostly a connection issue between the server and the system, it would be prudent to reset the router. You can do so as follows:

  1. Switch off the router
  2. Wait ten seconds
  3. Switch it back on

Needless to say, it is good to ensure that the game is up to date. Sometimes, it is a server-side issue and the best fix is provided by Epic Games itself. So check if your game is up to date and if it is then continue through the troubleshooting steps.

Switch DNS to another name server

Epic Games recommends switching your DNS if you are facing the ESP-Buimet-003 error. Here are the steps to switch your DNS:

  • Press the PS button on your controller.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to set up an internet connection.
  • Select WiFi or cable.
  • Select Custom.
  • Set IP address to Auto.
  • Set DHCP to Auto.
  • Write down the DNS settings in case you need to change back.
  • Set DNS to Manual and enter the following:
  • Primary
  • Secondary

In addition to the above-mentioned steps, you must ensure that you fulfill the following conditions

  • Set MTU to Auto.
  • Make sure proxy is not being used.

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