Knotroot is the material everyone in LEGO Fortnite is looking for – here’s how to find it and how to gather it easily.

In LEGO Fortnight, as you progress you’ll find yourself needing more and more Knotroot, a uncommon but very useful material. But, you may not have found a single piece after even an hour of gameplay. Here’s how to get Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite.

How to get Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite

Knotroot in a cave (Image via
Knotroot in a cave (Image via

Knotroot is primarily found in caves. However, to harvest Knotroot, you’ll need more than just the basic Common Forest Axe. Instead you’ll need a Uncommon Forest Axe which is crafted from the first upgrade of your Crafting Bench. Here’s a detailed guide:

  • Collect 3 Bones by defeating Skeletons
  • Gather 3 Shells by eliminating Rollers
  • Build a Crafting Bench and a Lumber Mill
  • Craft 3 Wooden Rods and 8 Planks in the Lumber Mill
  • Upgrade the Crafting Bench to uncommon using 8 Planks and 3 Shells
  • Craft an Uncommon Forest Axe using 3 Bones and 3 Wooden Rods
Harvesting with an Uncommon Forest Axe (Image via
Harvesting with an Uncommon Forest Axe (Image via

Once you have your Uncommon Forest Axe, head into a cave (any cave will do) and you should be able to find Knotroots. Use your Uncommon Forest Axe and enjoy your new reliable source of Knotroot!

To help you in your knotroot quest, we also have the following guides:

Knotroot can also occasionally be found in treasure chests in caves. It can also be gathered by Villagers at higher Village levels.

What is Knotroot for in LEGO Fortnite?

Knotroot is one of the most useful materials in LEGO Fortnite, as it is used in making higher-tier tools, weapons, and upgrading your Village. As a result, you’ll likely need large amounts of it, especially if you’re looking to quickly expand your village.

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