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Fortnite Most Wanted: How to complete all quests


This guide will help you complete Fortnite’s Most Wanted questline.

Fortnite's Most Wanted event is off and running with a lot to offer. Those who participate in the event have access to an entirely separate Most Wanted questline that will help you unlock the event-exclusive items. You must earn Infamy by completing the Most Wanted quests to unlock the items.
The Infamy mechanic directly relates to the Most Wanted questline. For every quest completed between now and when the event concludes on February 28, you'll earn between 750 and 1,500 Infamy. As you continue to rack up Infamy, you can unlock the items depicted below.
With all that said, let's now look at each Fortnite Most Wanted quest and how you can complete them to earn Infamy.

Purchase weapons from Ace's Exotics or Ace's Armory vending machines

Ace's vending machine
Ace's vending machine
To achieve this, head to any named location on the map since they each have at least one Ace's Exotics or Ace's Armory vending machine. The quest requires you to purchase ten weapons, so find one of the vending machines and exchange Gold Bars for weapons ten times.

Collect a Vault Keycard Dropped by a Cold Blooded Boss

Cold Blooded Boss
Cold Blooded Boss
To complete this quest, you must head to Brutal Bastion, Shattered Slabs, or Faulty Splits. Locate the correct Cold Blooded Boss at either location, drain their health completely, and pick up the Vault Keycard left behind.

Raise Heat Level

This Fortnite Most Wanted quest can be completed regardless of where you are on the map. Just lock and load, start killing players and your Heat Level will rise. You can also find special Payphones around the map, mostly at named points of interest, to increase your Heat Level. Reach Level 4 Heat Level, and the quest is complete!

Visit Named Locations containing a Cold Blooded Vault

To complete the Visit Named Locations containing a Cold Blooded Vault, all you need to do is visit:
  • Shattered Slabs
  • Faulty Splits
  • Brutal Bastion
The quest does not require you to visit these three locations in the same game. Completing this quest will reward you with 1,500 Infamy Points.

Collect Gold Bars

Gold Bars are available to pick up virtually everywhere in Fortnite. You can find them in Chests, Cash Registers, Furniture, and by eliminating opponents. Collect 2,000 Gold Bars, and you will complete this Fortnite Most Wanted challenge.

Spend Gold Bars on weapons or services in different matches

After collecting the Gold Bars in the previous quest, it's time to spend them on weapons or services. To accomplish this, head to a vending machine and exchange your Gold Bars for different weapons.
You can also hire NPCs and purchase other services from them to work toward this challenge. Repeat this process once in five matches, and you're on to the next quest.

Search Safes or Cash Registers

Cash Register locations via Fortnite.GG
Cash Register locations via Fortnite.GG
This quest plays into the Gold Bars theme that is happening during this Fortnite Most Wanted event. Safes and Cash Registers are containers you can open to receive Gold Bars. Both objects can be found in most houses, stores, and gas stations.
However, you must open them instead of destroying them. Otherwise, the quest won't count. Open four Safes or Cash Registers, and this quest is complete.

Damage opponents using exotics and unvaulted weapons

Exotic and Unvaulted Weapons
Exotic and Unvaulted Weapons
The Fortnite Most Wanted event brought back several Exotic weapons and others seen in previous seasons. This quest requires you to deal 1,000 damage to enemies with either classification of weapon. You can find the new Exotic 'Heisted' weapons in the Cold Blooded Vaults we mentioned earlier.
Also, you can find a list of weapons that qualify as Exotic or unvaulted below:
  • Heisted Run 'N' Gun SMG
  • Heisted Blink Mag SMG
  • Hand Cannon
  • Heisted Accelerate Shotgun
  • Dual Pistols
  • Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle
  • Heisted Breacher Shotgun
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Hop Rock Dualies
  • Suppressed Pistol
  • Boom Sniper Rifle

Collect a Heavy Sniper or Boom Sniper

For this quest, merely head to an area with plenty of Chests. Look around for a while until you stumble across a Boom Sniper or Heavy Sniper. After finding one, you can pick it up to complete the final Fortnite Most Wanted quest of week one.
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