Where to find the Grab-itron gun in Fortnite and how to use it? cover image

Where to find the Grab-itron gun in Fortnite and how to use it?

You can lift opponents with the Grab-itron

Epic Games dropped the Fortnite 17.30 update with new weapons, map changes, a new LTM and several new NPCs. One of the highlights of the new patch is the Grab-itron, a new kind of weapon in Fortnite.

Grab-itron, also known as the gravity gun, allows players to “grab things and throw them at other things”. It can be used to equip any object in the game, including your opponents. But first, players need to find the Grab-itron and it is only available at a select few locations. Here’s where you can find the Grab-itron and how to use it. 

Where to find the Grab-itron?

Grab-itron can be found in chests, abductors and the mothership. Chests are all over the map and there is no guarantee of finding a Grab-itron in a chest. Fortnite players should target chest-rich areas such as Pleasant park and Stealthy Stronghold to increase their chances of finding the gravity gun.

Abductors and the Mothership ensure you will get a Grab-itron. However, there will be a lot of competition from opponents who will also want to get their hands on the Grab-itron. 

How to find an abductor?

When you jump off the battle bus, open your map and you will see abductors marked on the map. Abductors are usually above-named POIs, so choose one and land on that POI. With several players contending for these abductors, be ready to fight your way through. 

Abductors also beam you to the Mothership, which is yet another location to find the Grab-itron.

How to use the Grab-itron?

The Grab-itron is a unique weapon in Fortnite. It does not shoot bullets but relies on your ability to catch other items to deal damage. 

Pull in an object with its flying disc, take it along with you, then launch it at an opponent. How much damage it deals depends on how big it is, what it’s made of, and its launch speed. 

Players can pull in other items using the Grab-itron and then hurl it at an opponent. The damage dealt is dependent on the type of item, its build quality as well as speed. You can use the Grab-itron on vehicles, so the bigger the vehicle the more damage you will output. 

The best use of the Grab-itron is to catch incoming explosives and then throw them at opponents. The explosives will detonate at the target dealing immense damage. The weapon can also use grenades, firefly jars, and recon scanners back at opponents (or anywhere you target). 

Players can also use the Grab-itron to hold objects defensively. The objects will absorb incoming damage up to a limit before it runs low on health. If you want to have fun with the new gravity gun, use it on an opponent. But you should be quick to fling the opponent far away or it would possibly be your end. 

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