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Fortnite Reboot Rally: how to unlock free rewards

Here’s how you can participate in Fortnite’s latest Reboot Rally event, where you bring back former players and unlock free in-game items.

Fortnite’s Reboot Rally is back following the release of Chapter 4. Epic Games hosts a new Reboot Rally every few months, where active players can “reboot” friends who have not played Fortnite in some time to unlock free rewards. This time, Reboot Rally participants must complete quests to earn points. After compiling enough points, you will receive all four in-game cosmetic rewards.

Today, we’ll explain how you can enter the Fortnite Reboot Rally and unlock the four items as part of the promotion.

How can I participate in the Fortnite Reboot Rally?

The Reboot Rally does not require you to sign up on a website to participate. Instead, you can start right after launching Fortnite. The in-game user interface has everything you need to understand the Reboot Rally.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown explaining you can participate:

  1. Head into Fortnite and search your friends for players you can “reboot.” Anyone with the reboot icon next to their name is eligible for the Reboot Rally.
  1. Invite one or several of those friends to a lobby, and then you can start completing the Fortnite Reboot Rally quests, as shown above.
  2. You will earn points for finishing the Reboot Rally quests, for which you will need 250 to unlock all four rewards.

Quests & rewards

There are five Reboot Rally quests, split into regular and daily categories. Each challenge yields several points that count toward your overall progress and rewards. 

Here is a list of the available quests in-game for the Reboot Rally:

Reboot Rally Quests

  • Rally your friends from their profile or the Reboot Rally event panel (0/1) – 50 points
  • Earn experience with an eligible friend in Battle Royale, Zero Build, Team Rumble, or Creator Made Experiences (0/80,000) – 5 points

Reboot Rally Daily Quests

  • Complete one Daily Quests with an eligible friend (0/1) – 10 points
  • Complete three Daily Quests with an eligible friend (0/3) – 20 points
  • Finish all six Daily Quests with an eligible friend (0/6) – 30 points

Reboot Rally Rewards

  • 50 points – On Focus Emoticon
  • 100 points – Controlled Focus Wrap
  • 150 points – Vision Board Glider
  • 250 points – Snikt! Snikt! Emote

The Fortnite Reboot Rally challenges are available from December 13, 2022, to January 10, 2023, at 9 AM ET. You can refer to Fortnite's official blog post for more information and an FAQ section.

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