Where to find Waterbending in Fortnite (Avatar Mythic) cover image

Where to find Waterbending in Fortnite (Avatar Mythic)

Here is everything you need to know about the new Fortnite x Avatar Waterbending Mythic!

Fortnite's Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration is officially underway, with Korra becoming unlockable via the Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass. In addition to the character, Epic Games has introduced the Waterbending Mythic as the newest ability to join the loot pool. Today, we'll explain everything you need to know about the new Avatar Waterbending ability in Fortnite, including where to find it and how it works.

Where to find the Waterbending Mythic ability in Fortnite

The Waterbending Mythic is now available in-game and was pretty easy to find. We found the ability in a regular Chest in the Reckless Railways point of interest (POI). Although we had to open quite a few to find it, its presence in the typical Fortnite Chests means anyone can find it without much hassle.

Here are all the locations you can find the Fortnite Avatar Mythic:

  • Special Chests
  • Floor Loot
  • Chests
  • Supply Drones
  • Supply Drops

Fortnite's Avatar Waterbending Mythic occupies one inventory slot and can be used infinite times, but you must reload projectiles. Now that you know where to find the new Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite, let's discuss what it does and how best to use it.

What does the new Waterbending Mythic do?

Those fortunate enough to find the Waterbending Mythic in a Fortnite match will have two simple equipping options. You can shoot ice projectiles using your primary fire button or reload ice projectiles using your reload button. The Waterbending Mythic deals a variety of different damage values. Per the video above, we hit opponents for 44, 28, and 50.

Additionally, while possessing the Waterbending Mythic in water, your character will regenerate health up to 100 while recharging the ice projectile ability and granting a faster swimming animation. Overall, the Fortnite Avatar Mythic is a fun item many players will enjoy.

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