Forecast Towers in Fortnite: All locations and how they work cover image

Forecast Towers in Fortnite: All locations and how they work

This guide explains where and how to use the Forecast Towers in Fortnite.

Forecast Towers in Fortnite are a subtle yet effective addition to Chapter 4 Season 4. These tall radio tower-like structures appear in various spots around the map. They provide valuable intel regarding future Storm Circles to make planning your movement easier.

Today, we'll cover the Forecast Towers in-depth, showing you where each one is located and how they work.

Where are the Forecast Towers in Fortnite?

Six Forecast Towers appear on the current Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 map. However, you will find them outside the major points of interest (POIs).

The Forecast Towers spawn around the lesser-known Fortnite landmarks—primarily on the outskirts. We have provided a map above, outlining each Forecast Tower location to make your life easier.

Additionally, here is a list of the spots and the landmarks that are close to each:

  • North of Icy Islets
  • Sunswoon Lagoon
  • The Hall of Whispers
  • North of Frenzy Fields
  • Bamboo Circle
  • North of Mesa's Ranch

How do the Towers work?

Forecast Towers in Fortnite do not become relevant until after the first Storm Circle starts to close. At that point, you will see a status indicator on the Forecast Tower module that counts up to 100%.

After reaching 100%, the Tower becomes active, and three non-player characters (NPCs) will spawn and patrol the area. To utilize the Forecast Tower, you must eliminate the head boss and retrieve the Forecast Tower Access Card.

Once you've defeated the boss and grabbed the card, head back to the Forecast Tower module and use the card. You should see future Storm Circles highlighted on your map if done successfully.

Beyond this crucial information, Forecast Towers in Fortnite can also be used to complete challenges and earn XP. This mechanic is worth learning, considering how valuable Storm Circle information is in Fortnite.

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