Need to deal damage with a melee weapon in Fortnite, but aren’t exactly sure where to find one?

Fortnite is well known for its unique weapons that are constantly getting added to the game. But with some of these cool guns come melee weapons. So how many melee weapons are in Fortnite? And what are they?

Melee weapons in Fortnite: What are they?

Melee weapons are close-range weapons you can fight with that require you to hit the target directly with what is in your hand.

For instance, a Pickaxe is a melee weapon. You can't fire it. You can't throw it. You have to hit your opponent directly by swinging it.

Melee weapons: How many are there?

While many weapons are constantly being added to Fortnite, melee weapons tend to be seen a lot less. Still, there have been plenty of them to be within the game.

How many melee weapons are in Fortnite?

  • 32

A list of every melee weapon in Fortnite

  • Pickaxe
  • Infinity Blade
  • Sideways Scythe
  • Kingsman
  • ODM Gear
  • Kinetic Blade
  • Thorne's Vampire Blade
  • Grapple Blade
  • Donatello's Staff
  • Leonardo's Katanas
  • Michelangelo's Nunchaku
  • Raphael's Sai
  • Chains of Hades
  • Luke's Lightsaber
  • Luke's Green Lightsaber
  • Luke's Blue Lightsaber
  • Rey's Lightsaber
  • Obi-Wan's Lightsaber
  • Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
  • Mace Windu's Lightsaber
  • Sith Apprentice Lightsaber
  • Jedi Padawan Lightsaber
  • Jedi Training Lightsaber
  • Darth Vader's Lightsaber
  • Thor's Stormbreaker
  • Ol' Chopper
  • Brat Catcher
  • Predator Claw
  • Flag
  • Basic Sword
  • Basic Hammer

Some of these items, including the Predator Claw and the Ol' Chopper have never been available for public use.

Are melee weapons better than regular weapons?

For the most part, no. A melee weapon is inferior to most regular weapons. Still, though, some melee weapons will end up taking out opponents faster than other weapons.

For instance, a pump shotgun could take out an opponent in two hits, but you have to be accurate with those shots. Where a lightsaber could take someone out in four hits, but it is pretty hard to miss your swings when up that close.

All in all, traditional guns within Fortnite will always be better than melee weapons, but they are still unique and very fun to use.

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