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Can Fortnite be played on split-screen? (Playstation, XBOX, Switch and PC) cover image

Can Fortnite be played on split-screen? (Playstation, XBOX, Switch and PC)


A how-to on how to enable Fortnite split screen on Playstation, XBOX and Switch. Taking turns will be a thing of the past!

Sometimes only one console is available for players. With most games, this still means multiple people can participate through split-screen, but is this the same with Fortnite?
Does Fortnite allow players to play together on split-screen? The answer is yes! Find out which platforms support it and how to set up couch co-op.
Fortnite Split screen was added on the December 20
Fortnite Split screen was added on the December 20

All Consoles can play Fortnite split-screen

For those wondering if Fortnite can be played on split-screen on console, you should be happy to know it can. It is also incredibly easy and will take less than 30 seconds to set up.
Consoles that can play Fortnite split screen:
  • XBOX
  • Playstation
  • Switch

What about Fortnite split screen on PC?

Unfortunately you can not play Fortnite split-screen on PC.
Fortnite duos via Fortnite Wiki
Fortnite duos via Fortnite Wiki
Second, it only works for two players. That means you must have at least two consoles if you have more than two people. You can play more than just duos though with two people. Have fun taking on the challenge of squads with your teammate.

How to play on split-screen in Fortnite

Playing on split-screen in Fortnite is quite simple, and works the same for all consoles.
  • Step 1: Have your friend login on your second controller
  • Step 2: Load up Fortnite
  • Step 3: In the Lobby Screen press the "[P2] Log In" button (Triangle on Playstation, Y on XBOX)
  • Step 4: Ready Up and drop!
Fortnite P2 Login
Fortnite P2 Login
Once you have completed these steps, both players should be joined together in the lobby and be ready to play. If you're team-mate does not have their own account to login as on the second controller, they have the option to play as a guest.

The future

As of now, Fortnite has not added any new features to its split-screen mode. Whether or not they will experiment more with it in the future is unknown, but more-than-likely.
As the game constantly updates, and with Chapter 4 less than a week away, players can expect more updates to features such as split-screen in the near future.
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