Bush Bomb in Fortnite: Where to find & how it works cover image

Bush Bomb in Fortnite: Where to find & how it works

Here’s the rundown on the Big Bush Bomb in Fortnite.

The Big Bush Bomb has returned to Fortnite in hotfix v25.11. First introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1, this item became a go-to option for Zero Build. It allowed players to deploy a hiding spot or initiate a surprise attack on unsuspecting opponents. 

Now that the Bush Bomb is back, here’s everything you need to know about the item. 

How does the Big Bush Bomb work in Fortnite?

This video showcases this more extensive version of a traditional Bush item, which acts as a consumable item. However, rather than wearing the bush, you can deploy the item in a Fortnite match for added cover on the ground or a vehicle. 

The item drops in stacks of two, but you can carry a maximum stack of four in one inventory slot. For Fortnite Zero Build players, the Bush Bomb is a must. It functions like a Bunker, except with not as much protection. 

It easily blends in with other bushes, so you can use the environment to your advantage. You can find the Big Bush Bomb in Chests and on the ground. 

New Reality Augment: Shrub Mud

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Also, in hotfix v25.11, Epic Games added the Shrub Mud Reality Augment to Fortnite, which makes the Big Bush Bomb even better. This perk covers your character in Mud after jumping into Big Bushes, Leaf Piles, and Tall Grass. 

For those who don’t know, the new Mud mechanic in Chapter 4 Season 3, allows your character to move and slide faster. As a result, the Shrub Mud Reality Augment adds more value to the Bush Bomb in Fortnite. 

It might be worth prioritizing this perk in Battle Royale matches due to its mobility options. You may also want to carry the Bush Bomb in your Fortnite inventory for all it offers.  

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