Battle Breakers have returned to the popular Battle Royale.

The popular Battle Breakers bundle has officially returned to Fortnite, and many are ecstatic. The popular skins were rumored to never hit the Item Shop again, but now it seems like they have finally made a return.

Here is what the Battle Breakers Fortnite bundle consists of and how to get it.

Everything in the Fortnite Battle Breakers bundle

The Battle Breakers bundle has quite a few great skins for players to use. This popular collaboration was a big hit when it first released.

Everything in the Battle Breakers Fortnite bundle:

  • Kurohomura (Skin)
  • Razor (Skin)
  • Fire Vortex (Back Bling)
  • Fierce Cloudpuff (Back Bling)
  • Battle Breakers (Lobby Track)
  • Silver Flame (Wrap)

Battle Breakers bundle cost:

  • 2,000 V-Bucks

The bundle first released back in November of 2022 and has been a favorite ever since, except it hasn't seen too many days within the Item Shop. Back in December of 2023, though, many gamers expected the Battle Breakers bundle to never return to Fortnite. Why?

Why would the bundle never return to Fortnite?

Believe it or not, Battle Breakers was actually a collaboration with Fortnite. Yes, Battle Breakers is a real video game. The mobile game was first released by Epic Games back in 2019.

So why did some think it would never return to Fortnite? Well, that is because the game actually shut down on December 30, 2023. Those who had invested so much time into the game lost all their progress. Luckily, Epic Games refunded all purchases made within the game 180 days prior.

While this was an Epic Games title, and so is Fortnite, many expected the bundle never to return since the game was pretty much dead.

It looks like that is not the case, though. So what does that mean for Battle Breakers? Is the game going to make a return? Or was Fortnite just being generous to us fans?

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