XP glitches in Fortnite have become heavily advertised by players, but are these exploits bannable?

It is no lie that every game will have its share of bugs and glitches. Is using those bugs for your own personal gain morally correct? Especially, XP glitches in Fortnite? More important, can Epic Ban you for exploiting Fortnite glitches?

The answer is, yes.

Don’t even try doing an XP glitch in Fortnite. It’s not worth it!

What is a Fortnite XP glitch?

XP glitches have been in the game for some time now. If you are unfamiliar with an XP glitch, it is where you find a way to receive copious amounts of XP without actually even doing anything.

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Fortnite XP Glitch via Reddit

Players have found ways to leave their game on overnight, farming them XP and literally going from level 1 to 100 in less than 24 hours. The advantage this exploit holds is it allows players to get skins and cosmetics without actually earning them. It gives them an unfair advantage compared to several others who grind to earn their cosmetic skins.

Epic Games considers this cheating and it will result in a ban if found out. Their Community Guidelines state that “using exploits for unfair gains in Fortnite violates the rules.”

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Fortnite XP glitches via Sportskeeda

Epic takes these endeavors very seriously and it’s actions to tackle these exploits have been indicative of their seriousness. The developer just wishes to create an environment that is fair for everyone.

Completing the game’s weekly and battle pass challenges will get you the XP needed to level up and obtain the items you want. There are even double XP days held throughout seasons that will allow players to earn extra XP when playing.

Your account is not safe if you use these XP glitches

Fortnite has really tried to crack down on people violating their guidelines recently. Whether those violations are in the form of competitive cheating or XP glitches, your account is not safe.

The simple factor is it is unfair to players who actually spend their time grinding to achieve higher levels and cosmetics.

It’s not uncommon for players to find their accounts banned for using these exploits. It’s difficult for Epic to ban each and every user, but if you are one that Epic finds, there won’t be much mercy. Banned accounts lose access to their skins.

Get your points the old-fashioned way and actually play the game!

Just like every other video game, Fortnite was meant to be played. Those exploiting the game’s bugs are simply defeating the purpose of the game and ruining an experience the developers had created for everyone.

Stick to getting your points the old-fashioned way and actually play Fortnite. I promise you, it is a much better game played than not played. You will not be let down.

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