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All Mod Bench locations in Fortnite

Here is every Mod Bench location in Fortnite.

Fortnite's newest Chapter has introduced Mod Benches, which are areas where players can modify and upgrade their weapons. The benches are located all across the island, giving players various places to choose from when they want to mod their guns.

Here is a list of all Mod Bench locations in Fortnite.

Where to find every Mod Bench in Fortnite

Mod Benches can help turn your gray shotgun into an absolute powerhouse. Finding these spots too is pretty simple.

Here is every location in Fortnite that has a Mod Bench.

Fencing Fields

Fencing Fields has a Mod Bench located inside the vault. All you have to do is take out the boss, grab the dropped Medallion and open the vault.

Once inside, you will see a usable Mod Bench.

Grand Glacier

Once you are in Grand Glacier, attempt to locate the location's boss. After defeating them, pick up the Medallion, which will take you to the vault and allow you to open it.

The inside of the vault will reveal another usable Mod Bench.

Lavish Lair

Just like the other locations in Fortnite, Lavish Lair has a vault that obtains a Mod Bench on the inside. Just take out the boss and grab their Medallion.

Reckless Railways

The Grand Station even has a vault nearby that houses a Mod Bench. Once you land at Reckless Railways, quickly defeat the boss and grab their Medallion, which gives you access to the vault, Mod Bench and more.

Snooty Steppes

Snooty Steppes is the last area in Fortnite where Mod Benches are located. Just like everywhere else, players will have to defeat the boss first, grab their Medallion and then use it to open the vault.

Inside will be loot and a Mod Bench.

With only five spots on the island for people to modify weapons, many of these areas might be hot drops. Make sure you are prepared for battle if you plan to land at one of these locations!

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