Trying to locate a Mending Machine in Fortnite’s latest season? Here is a guide to all the Mending Machine’s locations.

With the start of a brand new season, comes the hunt for a victory royale. To receive that victory, players have to make sure they are always properly equipped with health. The Mending Machines are as valuable as any other item in this game, as they can give you the quick heals you need.

Here are all the locations and information on Fortnite's Mending Machines in Chapter 3, Season 4.

What is a Mending Machine in Fortnite?

When making your way through the island, you may notice a variety of different vending machines sitting at different locations. These vending machines are either Weapon-O-Matics or Mending Machines.

The Weapon-O-Matics are there to allow players to purchase notable weapons to help them in-game but can stand to be rather pricey. The Mending Machines are a lot cheaper, requiring fewer gold bars to purchase their items.

Mending Machine Fortnite
Mending Machine Fortnite

When utilizing a Mending Machine, you will be able to buy different heals to help impact your game. To know whether or not you are approaching a Mending Machine, the screen will show you a plus sign, as to indicate health.

Once there, you can use your gold bars to purchase health items, although not every Mending Machine will have the same items.

When dispensing, a rather cute and small purple figure will appear on the screen, letting you know your items are on their way.

Mending Machines can come in handy not only for health purposes, but occasionally Fortnite will require them to be used in their challenges.

So where exactly can I find Mending Machines?

Looking to locate these rather useful Machines? The locations are simple and easy to find. Here is a map pulled from of the Mending Machine locations.

e<br>Mending Machine Locations | Fortnite
Mending Machine Locations | Fortnite

Where to find each Mending Machine:

  • West of Logjam Junction
  • Within Sleepy Sound
  • Within Coney Crossroads
  • Gas Station to the east of Lustrous Lagoon
  • Gas Station South of Tilted Towers
  • Within Greasy Grove
  • North of Cloudy Condos
  • North-West of Shimmering Shrine
  • East of Fort Jonesy

If you are experiencing any doubt about where to locate these machines, just head toward any gas station, as they always have some sort of vending machine.