A Guide to Online Ranks in Tekken 7: Points and Tiers explained cover image

A Guide to Online Ranks in Tekken 7: Points and Tiers explained

Ranking up can be a challenge in Tekken 7, but we’ve broken down everything you need to know for reaching Tekken God status.

Fighting games are known for their robust rank systems, and Tekken 7 is no exception. The game's 37 ranks split into 10 tiers make reaching the pinnacle a grueling grind. While rank is never a true determiner for a player's skill, it is a way for them to challenge their limits and show off the results from their hard work.

Tekken 7's extensive number of ranks can be an intimidating mountain to climb. To make the journey a little smoother, here's everything you need to know about how to rise through the ranks of Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 has an extensive number of ranks for you to climb
Tekken 7 has an extensive number of ranks for you to climb

Tekken 7 Ranks Methodology

Ranked Match is first in the list of game modes when you enter Tekken 7's Online menu. From there you are directed to adjust the settings to which you prefer. You can alter Rank Restrictions to only fight players either 2 or 3 apart from your rank. Matching up against any player no matter their rank is another option. However, fighting players near your skill level is the fastest way to rank up.

Chart made by TagMaster
Chart made by TagMaster

Tekken 7 Ranks Point System

  • Tekken 7 uses a point-based system to determine ranks
  • Winning matches earns you points while defeats lose them
  • Amount of points increase or decrease depending on your opponent's rank
  • Beating players with the exact same rank as you yields the most points
  • Losing to these players will also result in the harshest drop in points

Players within two or three ranks of you will also earn you a healthy point increase. While losing to higher ranked players doesn't deplete many points, beating them is also not particularly rewarding in terms of points.

Keeping the matchmaking settings within 3 ranks is ideal for ranking up, but can often result in long waiting times for matches.

To give players a better idea of their point totals, Tekken 7 provides a meter showing how close they are to ranking up. When the bar is nearly full, players will earn a Promotion Match that they must win to rank up. Depending on their point total, it is possible to have two consecutive Promotion Matches after losing the first one. Winning these fights is the only way you can actually increase your rank.

Photo by YellowMotion
Photo by YellowMotion

Conversely, the meter will also let players know when they are on the brink of a Demotion Match. Losing one is the same as ranking down, while winning keeps your current rank safe. No player ever wants to get demoted as it erases hours of hard work toward achieving a rank. However, the setback often inspires them to level up their abilities so it never happens again.

Tekken 7 Ranks - Tiers

The ten different tiers in Tekken 7's rank system help group players together so that they are matched up with those near their own skill level. Remember that a player's rank isn't an absolute reflection of their skill. Never underestimate anyone just because they are at a lower rank.

Silver Tier

Ranks - 1st dan, 2nd dan, 3rd dan

Beginners and novices make up the first three ranks. Many of these players have just picked up the game and are still learning how to play. This is the starting point for everyone’s online ranked journey in Tekken 7.

Light Blue Tier

Ranks - Initiate, Mentor, Expert, Grand Master

Newer players in this tier have likely found one or two characters they want to main and are figuring out how to use them. Others may be more experienced but are trying a new character for the first time. There are also many casual players in these ranks who play for fun rather than to rank up.

Green Tier

Ranks - Brawler, Marauder, Fighter, Vanguard

Players begin to reach green ranks when things start clicking for them. They’ve learned their character’s move set, the purpose for their attacks, and bread-n-butter combos. While these players have more knowledge than beginners, they still have far to go toward putting it all together.

Yellow Tier

Ranks - Warrior, Vindicator, Juggernaut, Usurper

In yellow ranks players are close to mastering their character’s offensive toolkit and are moving on to the more advanced aspects of Tekken 7. They are just starting to effectively block, back dash, sidestep, and other defensive tools. These are all essential for continuing to improve.

Orange Tier

Ranks - Vanquisher, Destroyer, Savior, Overlord

The orange ranks are often considered the hardest to get out of. By now players are very familiar with how to play their main, but the next step is gaining experience and doing your homework. Learning frame data and spacing to punish more of your opponents’ mistakes goes a long way toward ranking up.

Red Tier

Ranks - Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku

Reaching red ranks is considered a benchmark for many players. It shows that you are well experienced in Tekken 7 and are capable of making advanced plays. Red ranks can be considered the beginning stage of “high-level” play online. 

Ruler Tier

Ranks - Mighty Ruler, Revered Ruler, Divine Ruler, Eternal Ruler

Players in Ruler ranks are not much different in skill than red ranks, but have a lot more experience. These players are experts in frame data and can punish nearly all unsafe moves accordingly. They also have above average matchup knowledge with Tekken 7’s immense cast of characters.

There are 10 tiers for you to master in Tekken 7
There are 10 tiers for you to master in Tekken 7

Blue Tier

Ranks - Fujin, Raijin, Yaksa, Ryujin

Similar to the orange tier, the blue ranks can be tough to climb out of. These players are so close to reaching elite status but only so many can continue to rank up. This makes the tier filled with some of the hungriest competitors in Tekken 7.

Purple Tier

Ranks - Emperor, Tekken King

The smallest tier in Tekken 7’s ranks serves more as a transitional stage between blue tier and god tier. Purple ranked players have put enormous time into the game or are series veterans with tons of legacy knowledge. Many are aspiring pros or content creators looking to turn Tekken into more than a hobby.

God Tier

Ranks - Tekken God, True Tekken God, Tekken God Prime, Tekken God Omega

Earning the rank of Tekken God is something every player dreams of, but only few achieve. These players are masters of Tekken 7 with hundreds of hours in high-level play. On PC, these ranks are often gatekept by pro players who place at major offline events. 

Character Tekken 7 Ranks

Ranks are technically reflective of a player's skill with a specific character. After adjusting the settings you are brought to the character select screen. Players must choose their fighter before beginning the session. They cannot switch characters between matches without exiting to the Online menu.

The character they choose will be the only one to have their rank affected. A player's main tends to be their highest ranked character.

After reaching Genbu, all other characters rank up to Vanquisher even if they've never been played.
After reaching Genbu, all other characters rank up to Vanquisher even if they've never been played.

To rank up other characters in Tekken 7, you will have to play them in separate sessions. However, the rest of the roster will automatically rank up after reaching certain rank milestones with your main. For example, upon reaching Red tier, all other characters will rank up to orange tier. It is possible to be demoted with these characters back down to lower tiers.

Apart from their rank, players also have a level of Tekken Prowess to better reflect their individual skill. This comes in the form of a number (usually six digits) and doesn't change between characters. Tekken Prowess is a good indicator for when a high ranked player is using one of their lower ranked characters.