Are you looking forward to The Boys: Season 5?

If you have been following pop culture recently, you would know that The Boys is one of the biggest shows on television This popular TV series on Amazon Prime has become a hit due to its satirical take on a world with superheroes (and its excessive shock factor). With Season 4 finally wrapping up, many are wondering when Season 5 of the boys will start.

Here is everything we know about Season 5 of The Boys, including a release date, plot and more.

The Boys: Season 5 release date

The Boys is considered one of the biggest shows to date and has topped all the charts for Amazon Prime. With an outstanding plot line, and some of the goriest scenes one could expect to see, the show saves no action from the viewers.

So, when will Season 5 come out?

  • Early 2026

With Season 4 ending with a huge twist, fans are curious when they will get Season 5 (the final season). It was released recently that The Boys will begin shooting the final season in November of 2024 and release the episodes at the beginning of 2026.

Season 5 of The Boys was announced to be exactly eight episodes.

Don't worry, though, as between now and 2026, we should also have a second season of Gen V, which has been helping to build up the plot of The Boys.


For those interested in checking out The Boys, you should know that the show has an excessive amount of gore and sexual content. It is perhaps, the closest look at what a world with superheroes would really be.

Different heroes have PR agents, their own movies and more. Basically, imagine superheroes but with capitalism.

The show follows a group of people trying to dethrone the superheroes, attempting to show the world how terrible some of them really are. It is a strong take on the American political system, as many of the so-called "heroes" excessively abuse their power.

From a crazy virus that only kills superheroes to shapeshifters that have to literally rip off their skin to shift back to themselves, The Boys has it all.

Without releasing any spoilers, the ending to Season 4 shocked The Boys fans around the world. It will be difficult to wait until 2026 for the final season. Let's just hope The Boys can finally stop Homelander.

Cast list

Here is the main cast list for The Boys:

Karl UrbanBilly Butcher
Jack QuaidHughie Campbell
Antony StarrHomelander
Erin MoriartyAnnie January
Jessie T. UsherA-Train
Laz AlonsoMother's Milk
Chace CrawfordKevin Moskowitz
Tomer CaponeFrenchie
Karen FukuharaKimiko Miyashiro
Nathan MitchellBlack Noir
Colby MinifieAshley Barrett
Dominique McElligottMaggie Shaw
Claudia DoumitVictoria Neuman
Cameron CrovettiRyan
Nneka ElliottNNC News Anchor
Laila RobinsGrace Mallory
Shantel VanSantenBecca Butcher
Aya CashStormfront

Where to watch

All four seasons of The Boys are available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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