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Fallout series (Trailer, release date, cast and more)

The Fallout series is officially coming to Amazon Prime Video this year. Here is everything you need to know about the post-apocalyptic TV show.

The official Fallout series is coming to Amazon this year, and gamers are extremely excited. While many video game movies or TV show adaptations have flopped in the past, Jonathan Nolan seems to have perfected the infamous Fallout world; or at least the trailer suggests.

The show itself, while still giving off a sort of campy vibe that Fallout has always provided players with, has a unique mix of vast world-building, crazy characters, nuclear-modified monsters and more.

Here is everything we know about the new Fallout series coming to Amazon Prime, including the trailer, release date, cast and more.

Fallout series trailer

With an entire trailer recently dropping, fans have been able to sit back and prepare themselves for an entire season of greatness, as Fallout officially shows off its world.

The trailer itself does not give away too many plot points, but it does show us that Nolan's TV adaptation will be sticking very closely to the game. While it does not seem like we are getting a copy of one of the many games' storylines, we are getting a lot of recurring characters and themes.

Characters such as The Ghoul and armies such as The Brotherhood were shown in the trailer. Their costumes and armor matched exactly how they looked in the games, which was a huge relief for many fans.


As of now, an exact plot point is unknown. Gathered from the trailer, though, we can see that the story follows a group of vault dwellers. Just like in the games, these people will have recently woken up from a deep sleep after 200 years.

After being thrown out into a world of chaos with absolutely zero order, these people have to find a way to keep themselves alive. At the same time, they are also trying to rebuild humanity to what it was prior to nuclear war.

We even get a look at The Brotherhood, a militant religious group that has taken power within the post-apocalyptic world. Fortunately, they resemble precisely how the video games portray them.

The show follows a female protagonist and looks like it has a mix of action, comedy, adventure and more.

Release Date

The Fallout series is currently set to release on Amazon Prime Video on April 11, 2024.

Not only is the series releasing just next month, but it will also be released all at once. Yes, this means all eight episodes will premiere simultaneously. This is a huge feat for today, considering most shows still release episodes one at a time.

Now fans will be able to binge the entire series in one sitting if they want to. No one will have to wait weeks for a finale.


Here is a list of the main cast and the characters they portray in the Fallout series:

Ella Purnell
Aaron Moten
Walton Goggins
The Ghoul
Moises Arias
Johnny Pemberton
Kyle MacLachlan
Overseer Hank
Xelia Mendes-Jones
Leer Leary
Dave Register
Rodrigo Luzzi
Annabel O'Hagan
Aixa Kendrick
Moldaver's Elite Guard
Michael Esper
Bud Askins
Cherien Dabis
Christopher Parker
Sheriff Rex
Harry Sutton Jr.
Dr. Edmunson
Sheila Head
Daniel J. Martin
Fallout series cast list

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