Dune: Prophecy has officially gotten its first trailer.

The Dune universe begins its expansion with Dune: Prophecy. This new series has already been turning heads and it has officially received its very own trailer.

Here is everything we know about Dune: Prophecy, including the plot, cast list, trailer and more.

Dune: Prophecy release date

The new Dune series is currently set to release this Fall, but unfortunately, there is not an exact release date. Hopefully, we see an early Fall release instead of later.

The show is being produced by Max and will be released on their streaming platform.

As more information regarding the Dune: Prophecy release date comes out, we at esports.gg will keep you updated.


The official trailer just hit for Dune: Prophecy, exciting fans everywhere. Watch it below.


So what do we know about the plot for Dune: Prophecy? As stated in the trailer, Dune: Prophecy takes place 10,000 years before the story of Paul Atredies - before the Bene Gesserit.

The story follows the beginning of the sisterhood of witches, and the Bene Gesserit slowly forms.

The source material used for this series was actually written by Brian Herbert, the son of Frank Herbert. While many were not a fan of the writer of Dune's son's work, the series itself looks incredibly promising.


Here is a list of the official cast list for Dune: Prophecy.

Camilla BeeputReverend Mother Dorotea
Sarah LamHagal Truthsayer
Emily WatsonValya Harkonnen
Olivia WilliamsTula Harkonnen
Travis FimmelDesmond Hart
Jodhi MayNatalya
Mark StrongEmperor Javicco Corrino
Sarah-Sofie BoussninaPrincess Ynez
Josh HeustonConstantine
Chloe LeaLila
Jade AnoukaSister Theodosia
Faoileann CunninghamSister Jen
Aoife HindsSister Emeline
Chris MasonKeiran Atreides
Shalom Brune-FranklinMikaela
Flora MontgomeryTruthsayer Vera
Tessa Bonham JonesLady Shannon Richese
Laura HowardOrla Richese

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