Who is Terrorblade? A full breakdown of the Nightmare haunting Demon from Dota: Dragon’s Blood cover image

Who is Terrorblade? A full breakdown of the Nightmare haunting Demon from Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Who is the big bad in Dota 2’s Dragon’s blood? Join us as we break down the lore and Terrorblade’s role in the hit Dota 2 series.

There's a lot of mystery surrounding the big bad of Dota 2 animated series Dota: Dragon's Blood. Although we do get some snippets here and there about Terrorblade, there is still a lot in the air. But, with a combination of the show and Dota 2's lore we can get a decent idea about Terrorblade. So, let's break down the big bad nightmare demon, Terrorblade. Also spoilers ahead for Dragon's blood.

The Demonic origins

Dota 2 lore is unique to say the least. With a roster of over 100 heroes with all unique but intertwined backstories, its hard to tell what's what. However, thanks to SirActionSlack's lore video on the layers of hell and the Dota 2 Wiki, we have an idea of Terrorblade's origin in Dota 2. Terrorblade is a demon among demons to say the least. He's broken almost every law in all 7 regions of hell, ignored rites to bound his behaviour and stole from the highest demon lords. So as you can imagine, he was sent to the hell of hell: Foulfell Prison.

This Prison is a dark mirror of reality, where the worst of the worst are sent. Instead of torture demons in foulfell have to stare at their own twisted reflection of their souls, which is its own form of torture really. However where other demons failed, Terrorblade succeeded. He learnt to master his own reflected self which is exactly what his metamorphized form is. With the new power, he destroyed the walls of the prison and escaped into the battlefield of the Ancients.

In Dragon's Blood

Although its not specifically stated, Dragon's blood is a prequel to the game. As the events of the show happen before Davion masters his abilities and becomes the Dragon Knight of Dota 2 and Terrorblade is still imprisoned in Foulfell. In episode 1 of season 1, its introduced to us that Terrorblade has escaped Foulfell, and wants to remake all creation in his image through using the power of the dragons souls. Hence, his hunt for Slyrak and the other elemental dragons.

Terrorblade throughout Dragon's Blood is a phenomenal manipulator. He excels at corrupting others and in their weakened mind state, take control of whoever he needs to. Or in some cases, he can even take over corpses to do his bidding. During and eclpise and with a bargain struck with Invoker, Terrorblade faced off against Selemene (Mirana and Luna's god of the moon). After a beautifully animated fight that showcased Terrorblade's Dota 2 abilities, he promptly dispatched Selemene.

Invoker and Terrorblade working together throughout book2
Invoker and Terrorblade working together throughout book2

Terrorblade's Return in Book 3

In book 2, Terrorblade takes a backseat as the story focused more on Mirana and Davion taking on Viceroy Kashurra. However Terrorblade has been plotting and looks stronger than ever in a tweet by Wykrhm. With the help of Invoker, they've gathered almost all the dragon souls and are only missing a couple. So with Season 3 already out, we'll soon find out what Terrorblade has in store for our heroes. And knowing his abilities, its not looking good.