Who is Gorgc and why is he popular? Here’s all you need to know about one of Dota 2’s biggest streamers.

Janne Stefanoski, widely regarded as Gorgc, is a Swedish Dota 2 streamer and pro player. He is one of the most popular figures in Dota 2 and it is likely that you have heard his name before. If you are curious about who he is, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will tell you about Gorgc's background, how he became popular, his pro career and more.

Gorgc's Profile

Janne Stefanoski is a Dota 2 streamer that goes by the alias Gorgc. He is 28 years-old, born on October 28th, 1993. He was an Industrial Engineering & Management student, however, his Twitch profile states that he is currently on a break. He keeps his personal life very private, not sharing any details about his family members.

What is the meaning of Gorgc's name?

Gorgc’s in-game name originated from when he was playing a female Tauren in World of Warcraft, calling it a Gorgeous Cow. The Gorgeous Cow label turns into the acronym Gorgc and he sticks with the name until today.

Gorgc started streaming on Twitch in 2017 and his notable skills brought attention to his streams. He slowly gained traction on the platform, growing his following and reputation in the Dota 2 scene.

Gorgc used to duo stream with singsing often.
Gorgc used to duo stream with singsing often.

Back then, he duo streamed often with popular Dota 2 streamer singsing, who was arguably the biggest name in the streamers world of Dota 2. When singsing took some time off of Dota 2 to stream other games, Gorgc became the go-to streamer in the community.

Gorgc has an entertaining personality that keeps his audience engaged. Not only is he a skilled Dota 2 player that ranks high on the European leaderboard, but he also interacts well with the chat. This makes him one of the top streamers to watch in the English-speaking community.

You can find him playing pubs alongside top players in the world, casting DPC or third-party tournament matches, browsing Dota 2's Reddit, and more. His streams can sometimes be filled with hilarious rages or smashing plays or even both. He also discusses and comments on certain issues in Dota 2. Occasionally he brings guests on stream when he is casting tournament games, such as SumaiL and MidOne during the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022.

Gorgc currently has 572K followers on Twitch consistently streaming for 6-8 hours daily.

Gorgc’s professional career

Gorgc has been competing in Tier 2-3 tournaments since 2015. Some of his notable achievements are:

  • 1st at ProDotA Cup Europe #15
  • 2nd place at Dota 2 Champions League S10
  • 4th place at Midas Mode Europe

He is currently playing as Position 1/Carry for Team Bald Reborn, alongside teammates: Steve "Xcalibur" Ye, Ovidijus "ZipZaper" Vaicikauskas, Axel "Pablo" Källman, and Jonathan "Bengan" Hansson.

Team Bald Reborn was formed in 2019 for Gorgc and his team to compete in the TI9 qualifiers, however, after falling short the team disbanded for a while. Team Bald Reborn returned in 2021 with several different players to compete in the WEU DPC open qualifiers. The team finally made it to Division II after winning the 2nd Season's WEU DPC open qualifiers in 2021.

Gorgc, under Team Bald Reborn, is currently competing in the ongoing regional league for WEU DPC Division II. So far, the team manages to barely survive in the DPC, placing 4th in S2 2021, 5th in Tour 1 2022, and 7th in Tour 2 2022, in which they faced relegation but managed to get a spot back through the closed qualifiers.

What is Gorgc's rank on the leaderboard?

Gorgc plays the West European server most of the time. His rank is always shifting on the leaderboard. Currently, he is ranked #189, but you can always check his live rank here. He once achieved the top 10 ranks in West Europe about 4 years ago.

Gorgc’s short stint with OG

Gorgc joined OG in 2020.
Gorgc joined OG in 2020.

Gorgc became OG's first-ever full-time streamer after joining the organization in 2020. The announcement led to tons of hype with Gorgc then fielding the decorated organization on his sleeves. At that time, OG just won its 2nd TI and it was expanding its brand - making the first step by acquiring the streamer. They planned to churn out more entertaining content but the partnership didn’t last very long.

Half a year later, the two parted ways after they had a conflict of interest, where it came down to the issue of streamers broadcasting third-party tournaments and "stealing views". At that time, OG was involved with organizing the Omega League and Gorgc wanted to broadcast the tournament as he normally does.

Both OG and Gorgc attempted to solve this conflict but it was difficult to find 'a long-term solution' which led to the mutual separation. Gorgc remains an independent streamer until today.

Find Gorgc's content and updates from his official channels here:

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