No need to die to a Tormentor again. Here are the best heroes to solo a Tormentor.

Appearing in the 7.33 Dota 2 update that brought so many updates to the Dota 2, Tormentors have been a sore spot for both casual and pro players alike. With the neutral creep having specific spawning intervals and a great reward for taking it down, Tormentors are a high value target. But what are the best heroes to take down the Tormentor solo?

What is a Tormentor in Dota 2?

Before we get into the best heroes to solo a Tormentor, it's worth taking a moment to dive into the specifics of what they are. In simplest of terms, Tormentors are a neutral creep. There are two Tormentors locations on the map, one for the Radiant and one for the Dire. They don’t spawn until 20 minutes and have a 10-minute respawn timer. Each Tormentor has two passive abilities, has 20 armor, and 55% Magic resistance. 

The first passive is Unyielding Shield, which provides a base 2500 HP shield that regenerates 100 HP per second. And each time you take down a Tormentor, this shield increases by 200 HP, and the regen increases by another 100 HP per second. The issue, and why so many players struggle with taking down Tormentors is that 90% damage done to the Tormentor is reflected to any hero in a 1200-unit radius of the Tormentor. And with each kill of the Tormentor, the damage reflection increases by 20%. 

So suffice it to say, the Tormentor is pretty tough to take down on your own. Most times, teams tend to take the Tormentor together, to mitigate the damage reflection. However, there are some heroes who excel at taking the Tormentor.

The best heroes for soloing Tormentor

Solo the Tormentor through damage

Here are the heroes that can (potentially) solo the Tormentor. Now we don't usually recomend soloing the tormentor without adequate items, but a few heroes are built really well for this.

Bristleback doing what Bristleback does best

Since the debut of Tormentors, Bristleback has always been one of the best heroes to solo it. Bristleback with the help of Aghanim's scepter and one "tank item" like Sange and Yasha/Vanguard/Bloodstone can easily take down a Tormentor by himself. The high burst damage of the Aghanim's upgrade and Bristleback's innate tankiness allow him to solo a Tormentor with ease.

Faceless Void, no damage thank you very much

Despite Faceless' low burst damage, he's a great option to solo a Tormentor. Mainly because he backs Time Walk off the majority of the damage the Tormentor reflects. Not to mention Time Lock bashes hurt, even if you are a Tormentor. The only issue is that Faceless Void needs at least 2 to 3 items for him to be able to take down the Tormentor.

Ursa just doing Ursa things

Ursa just treats the Tormentor like it's a lonely support trying to push out waves. Just get let your Fury Swipes stacks do the work. Just remember to press your Overpower ability beforehand so that you can get another six attacks in before the Tormentor fires back. But be careful when doing the Tormentor as Ursa. The Damage reflection hurts, so be prepared to press Enrage when you fall low.

Techies goes Kaboom - Yes Techies!

Surprisingly, Techies is a great soloing a Tormentor. Especially if you plan ahead enough and set up Proximity mines before the Tormentor spawns. It only takes five proximity mines to take down a level-one tormentor. So in tandem with a Blast Off and a couple Sticky Bombs, Techies easily solos.

Templar Assasin and armor reduction, name a more iconic duo

Another great hero to take down a Tormentor by themselves is Templar Assassin. Tormentors by default don't have that much armor (only 20). So armor reduction abilities (like Meld) or items (like Deso) provide great value to destroy Tormentors. Not to mention that Refraction blocks the damage reflected to you. So TA basically comes out unscathed most times when facing Tormentors.

Solo the Tormentor through spawns

Some heroes require a bit more help - but can still solo the tormentor. These are heroes that can produce creeps or illusions or ultimates, that create more versions of themselves.

Chaos Knight, strength in numbers

Chaos Knight (thankfully) is the only strength-based illusion-based hero. Which means that CK has some tanky illusions. So in relation to Tormentors, the Phantasm illusions are great at soaking up the reflective damage that the Tormentor does. Not to mention the armor reduction and massive critical hits that Chaos Knight can do with his abilities.

Naga Siren, Slither Dither

In a similar vein to Chaos Knight Naga's many illusions and armor reduction are great at taking down a Tormentor. However, unlike Chaos Knight, Naga needs a bit of time to come online before being able to solo a tormentor. Subsequently, her illusions aren't as strong either. So she needs at least two to three items.

Broodmother, what a lovely Brood

Broodmother, with her army of spiders is a great hero to devour a tormentor. The Spiderlings are great at soaking up and dispersing the reflected damage from the Tormentor. Not to mention Insatiable Hunger provides both Brood and her Spiderlings with a 70% Base attack bonus for 14 seconds. Which is more than enough time to eat up a Tormentor.

Engima and his mini-me

Last but not least is Enigma, who just like Broodmother excels at taking down a Tormentor solo. Demonic Conversion spawns three Eidolons which each do 47 damage, have 60% magic resistance, and multiply after six attacks. Not to mention that Enigma's Splitting Image Facet allows him to spawn even more Eidolons when he takes damage. So with his army, Enigma can easily take down a Tormentor all by himself, because technically the Eidolons are just alternate versions of himself.

Enigma and his Eidolons (Via <a href="">JVDGE_ on Reddit</a>)
Enigma and his Eidolons (Via JVDGE_ on Reddit)

If you want to practice taking down Tormentors for yourself, you can load up a custom lobby and spawn in Tormentors there! The cheat code to spawn them is: "-createhero npc_dota_miniboss enemy".

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