Check out the summary of Div I Tour 1 DPC through the lens of numbers and game records. Try and spot if you missed any of these epic moments and games.

The first Tour for Division I finally wrapped up after 31 days of action. From January 5 until February 4, matches took place across all six competitive regions in Dota 2, cementing the Lima Major attendees and the relegated teams. There were many exciting moments and plays throughout these 421 matches played. So if you missed some bits or want to look back at the season - game records may help summarize them well. Here are some of the most interesting facts and game records in Division I of Tour 1 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).

It's a Dire season

This season, Dire sees an exceptional win rate, skyrocketing to 58.2% total wins. On the other hand, Radiant only wins 41.8% of its games.

This could be due to the position of the Outpost that favors the Dire side as it is located near the Roshan pit. This helps Dire be in control of Roshan better and quickly arrive at the pit if fights break out. The Dire jungle camps are also more efficient to stack and farm as compared to the Radiant.

SEA has the longest average game duration

One of the biggest topics during Tour 1 was how insanely long the games in Southeast Asia span. An average SEA spectator would definitely notice the high number of late games. From 50-minute games to beyond 70-minute games, SEA witnessed some neck-to-neck late-game matches. While all other regions averaged around 35 - 38 minutes of game duration, SEA jumps far ahead with a 48 minutes average game duration.

The game with the most records: Longest game, most kills, more

As we have mentioned above, SEA is scattered with long games. And the longest Division I game of the season goes to Fnatic vs Execration. Game one of the BO3 extended to 1 hour and 18 minutes long and in the long back-and-forth game, many records were broken.

This game had six Roshans taken down and the long game also saw the most kills combined at 100 total kills. Consequently, both teams score the highest kills and deaths with Fnatic accumulating 62 kills and Xctn suffering 62 deaths.

The shortest game of the season is only 15 minutes long

North America sees very few late games as most of its matches averaged around 35 minutes. And naturally, the shortest game in the entire season occurred in NA. Shopify Rebellion vs Wildcard in game one lasted for a short 15:52 minutes. With a merciless 19-1 score, SR dominated the game and there wasn't room for Wildcard to breathe. Due to the endless bloodbath, WC called GG early.

Tour 1 Div I biggest comebacks

If we are talking comebacks, there's only one name - Team SMG from SEA. But instead of being the one delivering comebacks, the team is often the victim. In game one against Execration and game two against Fnatic, Team SMG was insanely close to wrapping things up. They had a high net worth lead and they had strong control of the map. But one mistake was all it took for the enemy team to recover and deliver a soul-crushing comeback.

Most deaths in the DPC

sneyking of Tundra Esports scored the most deaths in Tour 1 Div I.<br>Image via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">EPICENTER</a>
sneyking of Tundra Esports scored the most deaths in Tour 1 Div I.

TI11 champion, Sneyking, was likely unprepared for the most deaths in a single match. In WEU DPC, Tundra Esports faced the revamped Into The Breach that was just promoted to Div I. Interestingly, ITB completely outplayed Tundra in the first game, showcasing the narrow skill gap in the competitive region. The shocking game saw ITB score 51 total kills and Tundra only scored 5 kills. Sneyking's Clockwerk, most often the victim in every teamfight, died a total of 20 times.

KDA Monsters

Let's talk about individuals that scored the best K/D/A (Kills/Deaths/Assists) throughout Div I of Tour 1 DPC. SumaiL who is the current midlaner for Nigma Galaxy has put forth an impressive performance. He is in fact, the player with the best lane efficiency just slightly below gpk of BetBoom Team.

Against all odds, NGX barely survived in Division I after beating Team Secret 2-0, retaining their position for the first time after going back and forth between both divisions. In game two against Gaimin Gladiators, SumaiL's Death Prophet was a walking Grim Reaper as it harvested 19 total kills and 19 assists without a single death, a KDA of dreams.

Another player that accumulated high KDA with at least a single death is Cr1t. In game two of Shopify Rebellion vs nouns, Cr1t played the popular support hero Rubick. Despite playing support, he stacked up one of the best KDAs of the season, scoring 17 kills and 30 assists with only 1 death.

But if we are looking at the overall KDA average, Nightfall of BetBoom scores the highest. The offlaner has shown a solid performance this season, scoring an undefeated streak with his team. His KDA score - 14.07 - skyrockets ahead of other players including Liquid's m1CKe (11.5) and EG's Pakazs (11.13).

Support highlight

This article will not be complete without a support appreciation section. Most always under the shadows of the cores, supports play a massive role to bring a game to success. This section is dedicated to appreciating the support players that have performed remarkably this season.

xNova of BOOM Esports planted the most wards in Tour 1 Div I.<br>Imge via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">ESL</a>
xNova of BOOM Esports planted the most wards in Tour 1 Div I.
Imge via ESL

In Tour 1 Division I, xNova of BOOM Esports went crazy with warding as he placed the highest average wards among all teams. He even scored the most Observer and Sentry Wards purchased in a single game. These records occurred during different games. In the second game against Geek Slate, xNova planted 27 Observer Wards as Mirana. On the other hand, BOOM's first game against Execration saw 58 total Sentries placed by xNova - a mindblowing total of 2,900 gold!

A player with the best assist score, who often helps his team by participating in fights, goes to EG's Panda. He has a 20.9 average assist throughout the season. His teammate, Matthew trails right behind him with a 19.8 average assist.

Best versatility

Those who hold a massive hero pool are always intimidating to fight against, but very entertaining to watch. There were many players that showed their capabilities when it comes to rocking different heroes but the player with the highest versatility goes to the new PSG.LGD carry player, shiro. With 16 total unique heroes played in 20 different matches, the player was insanely close to pulling off 100% versatility.

shiro of PSG.LGD has the widest hero pool in Tour 1 Div I.<br>Image via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Huya</a>
shiro of PSG.LGD has the widest hero pool in Tour 1 Div I.
Image via Huya

He picked many types of heroes including the meta heroes such as Lina and Nature's Prophet. He also opted for the rare kinds such as Anti-Mage which had only been picked twice in the whole of Tour 1 Div I DPC. Spoiler alert, he won the Anti-Mage game.

shiro's hero pool in Tour 1 DPC
shiro's hero pool in Tour 1 DPC

On top of having a versatile carry, PSG.LGD as a team also scored the highest versatility. The top-sed in China DPC had a total of 51 unique heroes played.

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