Crownfall Act III features a new fighting mini-game. With five playable heroes, combos, and extra rewards; the new patch came with a ton of free extra content.

"One versus one mid" is not the only way to solve disagreements in Dota 2 anymore. With Crownfall Act III, we got a new mini-game with the new Overworld Map. Sleet Fighter is the Dota 2 version of a fighting game, with a roster of five playable heroes. Each hero has a special ability that works similar to what we know about them. For example, Vengeful Spirit's Swap will change sides; and Marci's Unleash makes her hit faster.

Sleet Fighter, a mini-game you can also play against friends
Sleet Fighter, a mini-game you can also play against friends

Like all the other mini-games released during Crownfall updates, Sleet Fighter will be available in Dota 2 until the end of the Crownfall event. It's also playable with a controller and in full-screen mode, as Wykrhm Reddy said on his X account.

How to unlock the Sleet Fighter side event in Dota 2

If you're worried that this is one of those experiences you have to pay for, fear not: Crownfall Act III is free to play. Thus, Sleet Fighter is also playable without paying for the extra missions. The mini-game is also at the very beginning of the Overworld Map. This means you will be able to play it immediately after you activate Act III on your home screen.

Sleet Fighter is the first encounter to the left after you activate Crownfall Act III
Sleet Fighter is the first encounter to the left after you activate Crownfall Act III

The required token to initiate this encounter will be given for free when you start the new Overworld Map. After that, just click the icon, get past the small story dialogue, and choose one of the two game modes.

"Story Mode" (vs PC) will award you with tokens, depending on your final score after beating five heroes. "Multiplayer" lets you challenge your friends, and will award you with bragging rights for the rest of your life.

The rewards for the story mode are as follows:

  • 7,000 points = One random token
  • 21,000 points = Two random tokens
  • 35,000 points or more = Three random tokens
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Sleet Fighter Dota 2 hero abilities and combos

Every hero gets different attacks that are activated with the space bar (normal attack) and the ALT key (special). Some will have extra abilities that you can activate with down + ALT. Here's the complete list of abilities and combos for each hero:

image 1
image 2
image 3
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Some attacks are repetitive to give players the feeling that they can activate combos like in a classic fighting game. However, the quick way to activate them does the same amount of damage.

If you're trying to get the 35,000 points to earn the sweet tokens, there are some tips you should know:

  • For players not used to fighting games, Vengeful Spirit and Tusk may be the best options. They have ranged attacks and great hitboxes you can abuse to push that "Perfect" score for the extra points.
  • Dawnbreaker's Starbreaker sequence can secure a "Perfect" score if you get close enough. Try to hit it multiple times, but remember she's the slowest character.
  • For button-smashers, Marci is a good option. Release the "Unleash" ability (down + ALT) to hit fast normal attacks. Make sure to abuse the Dash ability to avoid taking damage.
  • For more defensive gameplay, Bristleback's Quilspray will help keep the distance. Try not to abuse it, since it deals little damage and time will also grant you extra points.

Now go beat every player on your friend list to show them that MMR isn't the only thing you're better at. Or the only thing you're not good at? If whatever happens, and they beat you, make sure to check for more Sleet Fighter tips and tricks.