“Curious about the origins of your favorite Dota 2 heroes? We rate the glow-ups(or downgrades) of some of the Dota Strength heroes between their Dota 1 and Dota 2 days!”

After browsing reddit for memes, the esports team stumbled upon a thread about model evolutions for Dota heroes. Posted by Reddit user fakayubariza, the full list had several Dota strength heroes side-by-side with their models from each game they were a part of. We thought it would be fun to rank the worst and the best model changes for these heroes from Dota 1 to Dota 2!

The Worst


Ok Icefrog, why did you have to do our favorite Admiral like this? You took his signature hat from him, and them changed nothing else. Couldn’t you have given him some touch ups on his outfit, maybe some medals. Why did you take the hat from us? Has he not suffered enough?

Legion Commander

On the surface level this one doesn’t seem so bad, but it feels really bad that there’s not horse anymore. What did the horse do you Valve? I mean, even for practicalities sake Legion’s weapon makes more sense to use while mounted. I don’t know I just think we’ve been deprived of more majestic, mounted combat. The commander needs a ride!!


Alright, alright… How are these two models even remotely related? One model is a demonic overload who commands vast legions of the unholy, and the other is just…some guy. The Dota 2 Lycan just has two wolves, and he sometimes turns into one. How did this happen? I feel like there was some oversight issues somewhere with the updating.


Ok, I know I was harping on the hat for Kunkka earlier but this time I feel like that’s all you did. There’re a few touch ups here and there but you just threw a viking hat on a zombie and called it a day. He has no other clothes? You expect me to believe that only that hat survived? Where's the rest of his armor? I’m an Undying battle armor truther.


It’s just a ball of energy. Io is the Jackson Pollack painting of Dota heroes.

The Masterpieces (Dota Model Evolutions)


What a glow up! Bristleback went from wearing pocket protectors and getting beat up in high school to being an absolute chad who commands respect. Just look at him, he went from a horrific boar monstrosity to a rough and tumble rugged tough guy. Just amazing work, 10/10.

Sand King

The only scorpion anyone likes is from Mortal Kombat™. Nobody likes generic looking scorpions they only like ninjas. But this model upgrade is a masterpiece, turning a boring arachnid into a sexy Aragog. Sand King looks so much more intimidating with this upgrade.


Tusk went from the uncle everyone hates at Thanksgiving that rants about politics to the fun uncle who is secretly Santa Claus and gets everyone cool stuff. While the Dota 1 Tusk looks a like a common fisherman from Walrus town, Dota 2 Tusk is a mountaineer who lives for adventure and wants you to believe in yourself. Good job Icefrog.


Ok let’s be real here, Dota 1 Lifestealer looks like something you’d scrap off of your shoe. He’s a mere pest, some thing that you can eviscerate with a flyswatter. The model upgrade is the stuff of nightmares. Every night I go to sleep afraid that Lifestealer will eat me. He is the reasons you don’t leave your limbs off the side of your bed. Gaben help us all.


The first model is a literal toy. If I wanted to play with toys, I would’ve spent all my money on League of Legends skins. Dota 2 Clockwerk is a marvel of machine construction. A metal man that can save your game, and Hookshot his way to victory. Clockwerk will never let you down, unlike the 0-15 Invoker named mid or feed in my last pub…

Well, this is my list of the best and worst of the model changes between games. Should we do more of these? Let us know and stay tuned for more Dota 2 news on esports.gg!