When all hope is lost, you can surrender if your other four teammates are done trying too.

Some people say Dota 2 is only for tryhards, and they are right. Often compared with League of Legends, it's perceived as the hardest to master MOBA game. While LoL always has had this option available after twenty minutes, Dota 2 didn't allow surrenders – until two years ago.

The surrender option came nine years after Dota 2's official release date (not counting the three years of beta). This took many players by surprise. Some even lost a game or two while trying to understand why would anyone surrender.

Activating the surrender option in Dota 2

While it's available only when playing a game with a party of five players, many consider this as a no-go. As you can see in many r/Dota2 Reddit posts, players consider this as what sets the game apart from League. However, if you and your friends are done with the game, these are the requirements to surrender a game of Dota 2:

  • Play the game in a full-stack party (five players queuing together)
  • Only available after 30 minutes of game
  • You must type "GG" in all chat to trigger the surrender option
  • To make sure all five players agree on this, they must wait for the overlaid ten-second countdown to finish.
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This also marks a clear difference with other MOBA games like League of Legends or Smite. After all, this games will allow players to surrender even if one player wants to keep trying, as you only need four out of five votes. In contrast, Dota 2 will always require 100% of votes.

Finally, most of these rules apply only for normal or ranked games. If you want to surrender during a lobby match (including competitive games), the "GG" call is available immediately after the battle begins.

But please, don't surrender a Dota 2 game. If you feel lost during complicated matches, make sure to check esports.gg Dota 2 content to get some inspiration!