A simple function in your settings lets you reset your rank in Dota 2. But do it carefully, it has consequences.

Whether you are starting as Herald, or you are an experienced player, you may have questions about your medal. The desire to achieve a better ranked is always there. If you want to reset your rank in Dota 2, but don't know how to do it, we've got you covered. It's a simple process, but has some downsides.

Let's start with a quick tutorial on how to recalibrate your MMR:

  1. First, open your Dota 2 game and go to the settings (the gear icon on the top left of your screen)
  2. Go to the "Account" tab, on the top of the overlaid settings window
  3. Immediately, you'll see an "Activate recalibration" button. You can click it now, but we strongly suggest you keep reading before doing it.
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Reset your rank in Dota 2: Perks and downsides

Now that you know how to recalibrate your Dota 2 MMR number, let's talk about what happens after you press the magic button.

First, you should know that recalibration matches can give you from 70 to 90 MMR points for each win. A normal ranked match would give you around 30 to 35 MMR, depending on your performance and slight MMR differences between teams.

Be warned, you can only recalibrate once every year, which means you're stuck with your new medal until then. But you can always rank your way back to your past best, right? However, if you're not feeling strong enough, remember you can recalibrate with a party. We strongly recommend you to invite your friends to your Dota 2 rank reset journey.

Just remember, even pro players can lose MMR when they recalibrate. Do it only if you're feeling your rank is not an accurate representation of your current skill level.

We hope this quick guide on how to recalibrate your Dota 2 MMR was useful! If you want something to read while you're searching for your next game, check esports.gg homepage!