In this extended Candyworks guide, you will learn what it takes to maximize your chances to get a free Arcana.

It has been less than a week since Candyworks was first released and players are already frustrated over how rare it is to get Arcanas. The Arcanas are, after all, the most commonly sought-after prize in this Dota 2 mini game. Having an Arcana to show up in the candy shop is a challenge in itself. Coupled with the difficulty to acquire candies, players are left with another reason to despair in Dota 2. Take a look at the poor soul below.

Worry no more. has you covered. Previously, we discussed the basics on how to play Candyworks. In this article, we will provide some tips to help you gain a little bit more of an advantage that will hopefully win you the Arcana that you’ve been craving for.

Paying to win Candyworks

The surest way to maximize your potential in this mini game is by buying Battle Pass levels. Assume you want to buy your way to a level 1,000 Battle Pass. The following table shows a breakdown on all the perks you will receive for Candyworks.

Battle Pass LevelsCandyworks Rewards
Lvl 1 – 100Candy sacks x3
20% weekly candy progress rate (Lvl 81)
+2 candy shop inventory slots (Lvl 86)
Lvl 101 – 200Candy sacks x5
+1 max weekly candy
Lvl 201 – 300Candy sacks x5
+2 candy shop inventory slots (Lvl 216)
20% weekly candy progress rate (Lvl 279)
Lvl 301 – 400Candy sacks x5
+3 candy shop inventory slots (Lvl 335)
Lvl 401 – 600Candy sacks x10
Lvl 601 – 700Candy sacks x5
+3 candy shop inventory slots (Lvl 601)
Lvl 701 – 1000Candy sacks x15
And 5 more candy sacks for every 100 levels beyond

After reaching 1,000 levels, you will gain a total of 48 candy sacks. Each sack contains six candies so you will receive a total of 288 candies. You also start with 20 candy inventory slots and will need to raise your Battle Pass to level 601 in order to unlock the full 30 slots. Remember that candies must be filled into the slots to be used for trading. An Arcana requires a set of 16 candies. It will be a lot easier for you to collect the candies you need for an Arcana if you have more slots.

You can also earn candies every week, and the 20% weekly candy progress rate and +1 max weekly candy perks will help you get more candies faster. However, they are currently bugged and Valve has yet to announce a fix.

Candy shop inventory. A total of 30 slots can be obtained by increasing your Battle Pass level
Candy shop inventory. A total of 30 slots can be obtained by increasing your Battle Pass level (Screenshot by

Go green and recycle treasures

In addition to all the candies you will get from purchasing Battle Pass levels, you will also receive a variety of treasures. Opening them will grant you various items or sets for your favorite heroes. Eventually, you will have duplicates which you can recycle for candy sacks.

To get one candy sack, you will need to recycle:

  • Four items from either Immortal Treasure I and II
  • Five hero sets from Ageless Heirlooms 2022 (must not be unbundled)
  • Five hero sets from The Battle Pass Collection 2022 (must not be bundled)
To get Arcana in Candyworks, you can trade four items from Immortal Treasure II to get one candy sack
To get Arcana in Candyworks, you can trade four items from Immortal Treasure II to get one candy sack (Screenshot by

The ultimate “free” road to Arcana

The easiest and only free way to get candies is by playing games. This includes Diretide and Turbo game modes. You can get up to five candies per week, but it takes multiple games to even get one piece of candy. How fast you can get them depends on the game modes. Furthermore, winning games will speed the process along.

Below is a summary on which game modes will earn candies and how many games you will need to receive all five candies:

  • Winning unranked or ranked games | 40% each game | 13 games
  • Losing unranked or ranked games | 20% each game | 25 games
  • Winning Diretide or Turbo games | 20% each game | 25 games
  • Losing Diretide or Turbo games | 10% each game | 50 games

You can also get up to 10 re-rolls per week by winning any games. These will be necessary to switch out rewards that you do not like in the candy shop.

Increasing your odds to get an Arcana

Getting an Arcana to appear in the candy shop is pure luck. You will need to use your re-rolls to find an Arcana or any other reward you seek. However, there is a way for you to increase your odds — trade your candies for all Diretide rewards. These rewards are clearly labeled with the Diretide logo, so there is no way for you to miss them.

The Diretide rewards are exclusive and therefore will be permanently removed from the candy shop once they are traded off. In other words, every time you acquire a Diretide exclusive from Candyworks, the chance for an Arcana to show up next increases slightly.

Example of Diretide Exclusive in Candyworks
Example of Diretide exclusive: Greevil Grief Roshan (Left side). Image via Valve Corporation.

The Candyworks event will be around until January 12th, 2023, so you will have an ample amount of time to farm candies. We hope this provides some clarity and confidence for your sugar-filled quest. So what are you waiting for? Get back in there and get more candies! Your free Arcanas await you!

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