A good Behavior Score and Communication Score is vital for a good Dota 2 experience.

Players typically only focus on gaining match wins and collecting in-game cosmetics. But there is another metric that's incredibly important to help make your Dota 2 experience so much better. That is the Behavior Score and the Communication Score.

If you manage to keep these two scores green, then you will be able to play Dota 2 normally. But if it drops to below 10,000 there will be penalties. The further down you go, the harsher the punishments become. If you want to improve or maintain a good Behavior Score and Communication Score, read ahead!

What exactly are the Behavior Score and Communication Score

In general, these scores are a measurement system to track how players behave in game. Good behavior players are grouped with those alike, resulting in mostly smooth and stress-free games. Meanwhile, those with consistent bad behavior are pooled amongst toxic players and getting out of these games sane will be one tough challenge.

Here are the definitions of Behavior Score and Communication Score according to Dota 2:

  • Behavior Score reflects the quality of your actions in-game and dictates availability of features such as post-game item drops, game pausing, and ranked play.
  • Communication Score reflects the quality of your in-game chat and speech interactions. If a communication score gets low enough, you will be text and voice muted, and all other communication will be on a thirty-second cooldown.

Ways to increase your Behavior Score in Dota 2

Maintaining or increasing your Behavior Score just requires you to behave. Do not be toxic, be patient, and follow the rules.

For those of you who has a low Behavior Score, note that it doesn't take one or two games for you to see change. You need to be consistently in good behavior across many games, in other words, be genuine about it. Don't just choose to mute everyone and not communicate expecting it will boost your Behavior Score.

So what are the things you can do to increase your Behavior Score in Dota 2? Take a look at the list below.

  • Refrain from pinging, do not excessively ping at one time
  • Do not use the tipping feature
  • Do not type unless needed, if so, type politely
  • Refrain from spamming chatwheels
  • Play support heroes and tend to other players, (share Tangoes, provide Salves)
  • Do not play heroes outside of your selected role
  • Do not destroy items
  • Commend players after every match
  • Do not put a negative or inappropriate name and profile photo
  • Do not play with smurfs
  • Do not share accounts
  • Queue for a match only when you have a stable internet connection

What are the penalties for a bad Behavior Score?

A low Behavior Score imposes a wider range of punishments. Meanwhile a low Communication Score mainly restricts your ability to communicate. Here are the punishments in detail:

Low Behavior Score punishments in Dota 2:

  • <10,000 = Can't coach others in game.
  • <7,000 = Loses access to post-game item drops, can't request for Coach.
  • <5,000 = Can't pause in game.
  • <3,000 = Can't play Ranked Mode.

Low Communication Score punishments in Dota 2:

  • <10,000 = Can't coach others in game, can't ping ally's abilities
  • <8,000 = Can't voice chat
  • <7,000 = Can't tip in-game, can't request for a coach
  • <6,000 = Can't text chat, no access to mini profile
  • <5,000 = Can't draw on the mini-map
  • <3,000 = All your pings, alerts, and chatwheels will have a 30s cooldown

These punishments restrict a lot of the fun parts in game. So if you want to have a good gaming experience, make sure to improve or maintain both your Behavior Score and Communication Score in Dota 2. Hopefully, this guide helped.

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