We got the sauce for you to find each of the ingredients of Snapfire’s Secret Recipe so you progress your Crownfall Act 2 map.

The Crownfall Act 2 map adds a whole new region for players to explore. As players work through the Desserts of Druud map, they'll come across Snapfire, who requests the aid of the party for her secret recipe. Finding the ingredients for her recipe are a challenge. However, we got the sauce for you to find each of the ingredients so you can collect the rewards and progress your Crownfall Act 2 map.

Snapfire's Secret Recipe Ingredient - Cactus Flower

The first ingridient for Snapfire's Secret recepie is the Cactus Flower. This ingredient is pretty easy to find as it's location is next to where you pick up the quest. Right where the encounter is located, there are several cacti that have pink buds on them (circled in the image below).

To collect the Cactus flower, players will have to click on the pink cactus buds. Thankfully there's no specific order that you need to press the flowers in. Additionally, the spawn chance of the flower is random.

But if you are anything like us, it'll be the last flower you check. You'll know you received the token when the Cactus blooms into a flower as shown below. From there you simply turn in the ingredient to Snapfire and move onto the next ingredient.

Snapfire's Secret Recipe Ingredient - Demon Blood

Next up is the Demon Blood, which is another easy ingredient to get. Towards the start of the Crownfall Act 2 map Desserts of Druud, you'll find some demon corpses. Although some would argue that the demons, despite having fallen in battle, look like they are taking a solid nap with some acupuncture.

If you click on any of the five demons, a little animation will play of their spirits chasing each other around. But how would you obtain the Demon Blood ingredient token?

To claim the Demon Blood ingredient, you'll need to perform some acupuncture and remove the stakes from the blue demon's back. Specifically, the smaller one. From there, you'll receive the token for the second ingredient in Snapfire's Secret Recipe.

image 1
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image 3

Snapfire's Secret Recipe Ingredient - Puffball Shroom

And now, we get to the more challenging ingredients. The third ingredient for Snapfire's Secret Recipe is the Puffball Shroom. This ingredient is a bit trickier to find, as it's quite well hidden. Somewhere on the Crownfall Desserts of Druud map there will be a tiny cookie shaped dot. That's the Puffball Shroom.

The location of the Shroom changes every time you load the map, to a number of different locations. To harvest the Puffball Shroom for Snapfire's Secret Recipe, all you need to do is find the Mushroom on your map and click it!

Snapfire's Secret Recipe Ingredient - Firebug Thorax

Last, but certainly not least, is the Firebug Thorax. This ingredient is definitely the hardest to acquire, as it requires patience. It is said to be found somewhere dark and hot, which can mean only one place. The volcano cave!

As soon as you move the party back into the cave entrance, you'll see a tiny Firebug enjoying the heat. The Firebug is just like Phantom Assassin: hasty, evades attacks, and will jump around a lot, but will die with one good hit.

The secret to catching and collecting the Firebug's Thorax is patience. Players will need to slowly move their most closer and closer to the Firebug to avoid it from jumping away.

Then it's just a matter of patience to reach the Firebug and then click it. Resulting in the final ingredient for Snapfire and a squished Firebug on your map.

Collecting your rewards

From there it's just a matter of turning in the final ingredient to Snapfire to claim the Cure-All token and progress through the Crownfall Act 2 Map. The rewards for completing the Snapfire's Secret Recipe encounter are some adorable emotes for you to show off.

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