We’ve teamed up with iAnnihilate and Metafy to create one of the most comprehensive guides to playing Void Spirit in Dota 2 Patch 7.33c

Void Spirit is one of the strongest midlane heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.33c - having earned multiple buffs and changes to its foundation. If you ever want to play this mystical purple hero (or perhaps you’ve seen Topson absolutely owning pubs with Void Spirit) here is a great point to start! You can begin learning this hero with our Dota 2 Void Spirit guide! 

This guide was written with assistance and guidance from Danny "iAnnihilate" Cote, solo mid player for Fart Studios, with a peak MMR of over 9500 and currently 106 on the NA Leaderboards.

The basics of Void Spirit in Dota 2

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

"Void spirit is mostly a single target burst hero, often focusing on killing a key target before or during the fight."

iAnnihilate on Void Spirit's role in-game

Void Spirit is a hero that requires a high level of skill and to be active and create chaos on the map. He can be played in multiple roles but his main role is in the midlane. He is a Universal hero (as of Patch 7.33) and possesses high-mobility, disables, and nuking spells.

iAnnihilate adds that "Void spirit is mostly a single target burst hero, often focusing on killing a key target before or during the fight." A result, this combination of disabling abilities and nuking spells is best used on single targets. Let’s take a look at his abilities.

Void Spirit abilities - Dota 2 Patch 7.33c

Aether Remnant

Aether Remnant
Aether Remnant

Aether Remnant is a spell that can pull a target while disabling them and dealing damage. But the problem with this spell is it’s not simple to execute. It has a click-and-drag mechanic (also called a vector targeting spell), basically clicking on the ground and dragging it to a point. The Aether Remnant will then follow that pattern, where if the tip hits an enemy unit, the enemy will be pulled and disabled. 

The execution is similar to Windranger’s Shard upgrade, Gale Force - except that this one is more precise.

Another issue is if an enemy hero stands among a lot of creeps, it’ll be very difficult to pinpoint the exact spot so the Remnant pulls the hero. This can be solved with Void Spirit’s Aghanim’s Shard that not only increases the watch range but also makes the Remnant pull ONLY enemy heroes.

Aether Remnant is a little difficult to learn but with practice, it’ll be instinctive.


Astral Step
Astral Step

Dissimilate applies a magical damage burst. By pressing this spell, Void Spirit disappears into another realm and you can choose where he relocates after a short, few seconds. This is a reliable escape ability, especially with the Talent upgrade that allows you to relocate further.

You can also use Dissimilate to dodge spells! This clip shows how Qojqva dodged Ancient Apparation’s Ice Blast using Dissimilate.

Resonant Pulse

Resonant Pulse
Resonant Pulse

Resonant Pulse is a great AoE damage and it also comes with a shield that’ll protect you from incoming damage. This is convenient during the laning stage when you want to both secure creeps and tank yourself up a notch. Especially when taking a lot of harass.

This ability, coupled with the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade, silences opponents that are hit with the Resonant Pulse. A very prominent silencing power. This is very useful against heroes that can escape with their abilities, or those who have disables.

Astral Step

Astral Step
Astral Step

Void Spirit’s ultimate isn’t anything too fancy, but it sure is irritating to play against. Using this spell, you can dash to a certain point and any enemies hit will be slowed and take damage. This spell has two charges.

Astral Step exudes strong damage but it’s also incredibly great to create chaos and juke opponents. It is also very reliable as an escape ability, the second one on his ability kit.

Void Spirit Strengths and Weaknesses


  • As a Universal Hero, Void Spirit has high damage.. This makes it easier for him to secure last hits and deny during the laning stage.
  • Decently tanky plus the Resonant Pulse’s shield. 
  • A good variation of spells including multiple escape abilities. 
  • Designated to be able to hunt and solo kill because of high single-target burst


  • Weak against stuns and silences that stop him from using abilities.
  • Not friendly for beginners, requires solid practice.
  • iAnnihilate warns specifically "Void Spirit is melee, and very punishing on if you over-extend."
  • "Additionally his chasing/escape cooldowns are part of his damage combo."

How to itemize on Void Spirit in Patch 7.33c

(Image via <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/zrauq8/fan_art_void_spirit/">u/tchl2911</a>)
(Image via u/tchl2911)

Itemization is a tricky topic, but there are several key items to get for a good Void Spirit game in Patch 7.33c.

These items are very good for Void Spirit in general:

  • Eul Scepter: Suitable to counter heroes that are hard to catch such as Puck and Ember Spirit. The combo is to Eul an enemy and place your Aether Remnant and it’ll instantly disable the enemy. Eul Scepter also works great to buy enough time for yourself to escape, as you can Eul yourself and immediately use Dissimilate.
  • Black King Bar: Heroes that are weak against stuns, in this case Void Spirit, must have a BKB for safety. This is important to have especially if enemy heroes possess plenty of disables.
  • Kaya and Sange: This is almost always a great item to grab. Not only does this improve Void Spirit’s overall tankiness, but it also amplifies his abilities which are all magical.

If you are going for a Physical damage build, which is the most popular build in this current patch, take a look at the items below!

  • Echo Saber: A cheap and impactful item to have early on. This is especially great for Universal heroes who posses high right-click damage. 
  • Desolator: A deliciously strong damage item! Must have on Void Spirit.
  • Daedalus: MORE damage! Daedalus is the cherry on top to complete a strong build for Void Spirit.

However, if you’re more of the classic-Void Spirit style, you still can opt for a Magical damage build. Play around your spells and use these items to secure kills.

  • Ethereal Blade: What other item is more perfect to amplify Void Spirit’s magical bursts? EB is the go-to item to quickly annihilate an enemy unit with a few spell combos.
  • Dagon: If that’s not enough, Dagon can further damage the enemy especially when they are affected by the Ethereal Blade.
  • Octarine Core: Your spells are key in a Magical damage build, so you want them to have lower cooldowns and always on the ready.
  • iAnnihilate advises the following in relation to builds: "I would say that the physical build is used in about 95% or more of games right now and I recommend putting it first and keeping the general/magic items as a secondary option."
  • "Almost every void spirit game will be Treads > Echo Saber > Deso > Silver edge OR Daedlus with situational items in between or after BKB/Manta/Linkens/Satanic/AC/Shivas/Nullifier"
  • "Magic build is better vs. specific lineups/heroes. For example Phantom Assassin/Slark/Pugna/Timber (even vs these heroes I’ve seen people stay with physical build due to how good it can be vs supports)"
  • "Another reason to consider Magic Void Spirit is if your entire team is physical already, it is nice to mix the damage since enemies should be buying armor"

iAnnihilate on Void Spirit's role in the early game

  • Void spirit is a very active hero in the early game with low cooldowns and high mobility
  • Usually able to gank with runes or tp every time he has two 2 charges ready
  • Farm slower than other mids but can gank more often and secure more kills early
  • Normally around 8-minute rune or so you want to become a lot more active on the map
  • Try to secure runes with supports and break the laning phase through rotations, pressuring enemy carry
  • If all goes well once some or all Tier One towers are dead transition into mid-game and start securing more farm for later
  • Some games won’t go so smoothly so deciding when to transition from killing to split push/farming is important

iAnnihilate on Void Spirit's Mid and Late game (Teamfights, teamfights, teamfights!)

  • Look to keep scaling and look for opportunities to solo kill people out of position or group up for objectives with team
  • Don’t be too greedy and remember its easy to overextend on void spirit, your astral step and dissimilate are your tools for killing and escaping
  • Try to figure out who your priority target is. Is it support? (Oracle, Shadow Demon, Io) important teamfighter (Dark Seer, Pangolier)
  • Be patient and don’t commit until you see a good opportunity to kill the priority target, ideally with low risk of you dying as well
  • Sometimes its good to poke with an Astral Step > Aether Remnant > Dissimilate AWAY back to team. Maybe they BKB or waste cooldowns or priority target shows himself for next Astral Step remnant

And that's our comprehensive Dota 2 Void Spirit guide, with special thanks to Metafy and iAnnihilate. For more 9k MMR-level insights into Dota 2 you can check out Danny's coach page on Metafy, with training plans, live coaching sessions, and replay reviews! Also be sure to check out Metafy's exclusive Dota 2 courses with Taiga, Topson, 23 Savage, and more!