The Something of a Collector mission is one of the week 14 Diretide Battle Pass missions that’s frustraiting Dota 2 players. Here’s a guide!

During the 2022 Battle Pass Part II in Dota 2, the Week 14 mission Something of a Collector has left some players stumped as they struggle to make progress on it. However, we’re here to step in and save the day, letting you know just how to progress this sometimes frustrating challenge.

Week 14 Diretide Battle Pass missions

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The Week 14 Diretide Battle Pass missions are follows:

  • What Does This Button Do? -  Play 2, 8, 15 Matches
  • Something of a Collector - Earn 3, 10, 20, Neutral Items in Winning Games
  • It’s For Stabbing - Kill 3, 9, 18 heroes after using Blink Dagger
  • No Dumping Allowed - Interrupt 3, 6, 12, 18, 30 Enemies while they are scoring Taffy (Diretide only)
  • Tumbling Lumber -  Destroy 50, 150, 425 trees in Winning Games
  • Home Invasion - Kill Roshan 2, 6, 12 times

Something of a Collector Dota 2 mission guide

The best way to complete this task is to jump into a co-op vs. bots and grind out the jungle. Many players have reported this mission bugging, or not giving them the correct scores. However, you need to make sure that you’re the one earning the neutral items. That means you have to be the one last hitting the creeps. 

Neutral items from Roshan, such as Cheese and the Aegis do not count towards this score. As a result, its best to attempt this challenge on a carry and just grind your way through the jungle. But remember, this is a “Winning Games” challenge, so you’ll have to make sure you don’t lose the game farming too much. We suggest a carry that naturally wants to farm in the jungle, but has enough mobility to help the team, such as Anti-Mage.

Week 14 Mission mini guides

  • What Does This Button Do? - Just play the games!
  • Something of a Collector - See above
  • It’s For Stabbing - We recommend Axe to complete this challenge super easily.
  • No Dumping Allowed - A hero with lots of disables and range on those disables like Earthshaker is perfect for this challenge.
  • Tumbling Lumber - Pick Timbersaw.
  • Home Invasion - Another co-op vs. bots challenge. Grind it out the hard way doing this.

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