The Prized Trunk of the Diretide is a rare and sought after treasure. But what makes it so special?

With the debut of The Candyworks in the Dota 2 International Battle Pass 2022, a sought after treasure has returned to the rotation. This treasure is the Prized Trunk of the Diretide, a spooky themed treasure with some exclusive sets, and is now once again appearing in people’s inventories.

But when it was released, this treasure caused controversy and frustration. And now its return once again has players complaining about its status as Not Tradeable and Not Marketable. Here’s everything to know about the Prized Trunk of the Diretide.

What is the Prized Trunk of the Diretide?

The Murder of Souls set for Shadow Fiend in the Prized Trunk of the Diretide
(Image via Valve)

A Rare set released on October 29th, 2022, for Diretide 2020, the Prized Trunk of the Diretide contains 10 different sets. These are as follows:

  • Murder of Souls – Shadow Fiend
  • Shares of the Mad Mutineer – Lich
  • Ire of the Unwilted – Death Prophet
  • Darkness Wailing – Nightstalker
  • Pumpkin Splitter – Timbersaw
  • Curse of the Crow King – Wraith King
  • Darkheart Redemption – Lycan
  • Chaos Maw – Chaos Knight
  • Whirling Talons – Riki
  • Direcourt Jester – Pudge

However, what made these sets so desired and sought after was that it was a very limited Treasure that only dropped in a limited amount during Diretide. As a result, it was virtually impossible to get the set you wanted. Naturally this created a lot of controversy, as threads from the time show.

The Prized Trunk of the Diretide (Image via Valve)

What’s worse, as a Not Tradeable and Not Marketable treasure and set of bundles, there’s virtually no way to get these sets outside of luck. And most people’s luck had run out after the conclusion of Diretide 2020.
However, with the start of The Candyworks, there’s a renewed chance for players to grab these rare sets. The Prized Trunk of the Diretide is actually a fairly commonly rolled treasure, and you can grab them if you have the candy. So, take advantage of the Candyworks, and grab this rare treasure while you can!

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