We poured through the listings to find the most expensive item in all of Dota 2, and it might not be too much of a surprise…

There are literally thousands of different items in Dota 2 that are tradable and marketable within Steam. The prices of these items range from a couple of cents, to literally hundreds of dollars. But among all of these, what is the most expensive item in Dota 2?

With the advent of The Candyworks, as part of The International Battle Pass Part II, players new and old are taking a look at their Dota 2 Steam inventories and questioning just how valuable their items are. So lets take a look at the current most expensive item.

Dota 2’s most expensive item: Bracers of Aeons of the Crimson Witness

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

The Bracers of Aeons of the Crimson are an Immortal set of arms for Faceless Void that were only available from the 2017 Treasure of the Crimson Witness. Treasures of the Crimson Witness are randomly awarded to in-person spectators at The International, so this treasure only dropped for those in attendance at TI7, who witnessed a First Blood.

According to the Dota Showcase market tracker, it’s currently listed at a crazy minimum of $489.60, although previously it was listed on the Steam Marketplace at $620.65.

(Screenshot by Esports.gg)

The item itself fits nicely into a lot of sets and looks pretty good on its own. What’s more, it’s for a very popular carry hero in Faceless Void. So no wonder it’s pretty popular.

In fact, Faceless Void has some of the most expensive items in the game in general, with the Mace of Aeons coming in at a cost of $222.54.

Other expensive items in Dota 2

Generally, there’s only around a dozen items that climb to these crazy over $100 price points. Although what might surprise some is that at least two of these items are couriers. Baekho, and Baby Roshan are two Legendary Couriers that both come in at around $125 a piece. 

What’s more an unopened Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2021 will currently sell for $166. This is due to its contents from that widely popular drop costing anywhere between $222 and $55.

(Image via Dota Showcase)

Overall, these hyper expensive items are outliers, though, not the standard. Most items in Dota 2 will sell for less than a dollar, with just a few climbing above that dollar mark. Still, if you’re ever looking for some extra cash for the Steam sale, it might be worth rifling through that inventory and selling some of your more premium items!

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