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Dota 2’s Graveyard: All removed items in Dota 2

Find out more than 40 buried Dota 2 items and neutral items here!

For the past decade, Dota 2 has gone through a plethora of changes. While some items have survived the grueling updates, some items were removed and discarded into the graveyard. Let's travel down memory lane and revisit all the removed items in Dota 2.

All removed items in Dota 2

So far, there are seven total Dota 2 purchasable items that have been removed from Dota 2. These items are:

  • Hood of Defiance
  • Medallion of Courage
  • Necronomicon
  • Poor Man's Shield
  • Stout Shield
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Wraith Pact

Wraith Pact was one of the most controversial items due to its 30% damage reduction aura. This item was then nerfed post-TI11 and ultimately removed.

Medallion of Courage is the latest item removed from Dota 2. This item can add or remove armor from both the ally and the enemy.

All removed Neutral Items in Dota 2

There are a total of 40 neutral items removed from Dota 2. Check out the full list plus a description of some of the most popular neutral items below!

  • Ballista
  • Blast Rig
  • Brigand's Blade
  • Chipped Vest
  • Clumsy Net

Clumsy Net is a Tier 1 item that roots a targeted enemy and yourself for 1.75 seconds.

  • Craggy Coat
  • Dagger of Ristul
  • Elixir
  • Essence Ring
  • Ex Machina
  • Fae Grenade
  • Fallen Sky
  • Flicker
  • Fusion Rune

Fusion Rune is a Tier 5 item that grants the user the bonuses of all Power Runes at once. This item has 3 charges.

  • Greater Faerie Fire
  • Helm of the Undying
  • Illusionist's Cape
  • Imp Claw
  • Iron Talon
  • Ironwood Tree

Ironwood Tree is a Tier 1 item that allows you to plant a GG tree.

  • Keen Optic
  • Magic Lamp
  • Mango Tree
  • Minotaur Horn

Minotaur Horn is a Tier 4 item that grants the user Spell Immunity for 2 seconds.

  • Nether Shawl
  • Ocean Heart
  • Penta-edged Sword
  • Phoenix's Ash
  • Possessed Mask
  • Prince's Knife
  • Quickening Charm
  • Quicksilver Amulet
  • Repair Kit
  • Ring of Aquila
  • Spell Prism
  • Spider Legs

Spider Legs is a Tier 3 item that grants free pathing and 18% bonus movement speed for 3.5 seconds.

  • Titan Sliver
  • The Leveller
  • Third Eye
  • Tome of Aghanim
  • Trident
  • Tumbler's Toy
  • Witchbane
  • Witless Shacko
  • Woodland Striders

Woodland Striders is a Tier 5 item that creates a path of trees behind you as you walk. The pathmaking duration is 3 seconds.

You can find the full list and details of each removed Dota 2 item here.

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