Blood Grenade is an incredible new item added to Dota 2 in the 7.33 patch. Learn about this unique new starting item in our handy guide!

In Dota 2 Patch 7.33, a new starting item, the Blood Grenade, was added. A ranged projectile with an area of affect, a disable, and a damage effect, the Blood Grenade is a unique and interesting item that immediately started affecting games when it was introduced. 

But just what exactly is the Blood Grenade, why would you buy it over regen and or other starting items, and when should you use it? Here’s a complete guide to the Blood Grenade in Dota 2

What is the Blood Grenade in Dota 2?

Blood Grenade was added in Dota 2 patch 7.33 (Image via Valve)
Blood Grenade was added in Dota 2 patch 7.33 (Image via Valve)
  • Blood Grenade costs 65 gold
  • It Passively grants +50 health as a base item
  • Its Active is Throw Grenade
    • Costs 75 health
    • Throw Grenade has a range of 900 units.
    • Any enemies in the a 300 unit area of where Blood Grenade strikes will take 50 damage on impact.
    • They’ll also be slowed by 15%.
    • And finally they’ll take 15 damage per second for 5 seconds.

There’s a maximum stock of three, and it restocks every 120 seconds (two minutes).

Blood Grenade deals Physical Damage, so is reduced by Armor.

How much damage does Blood Grenade do?

With the initial burst of damage combined with the damage over time, Blood Grenade does 125 damage. As a result, you can finish off enemy heroes very effectively with Blood Grenade

How should I use the Blood Grenade in Dota 2?

Blood Grenade is a great early game item (Screenshot by
Blood Grenade is a great early game item (Screenshot by

Blood Grenade is a great starting item for both Offlaners and Soft Supports, who want to try and disrupt the opposing Carry and Hard Support. Alternatively, Blood Grenade is a great item for a more greedy buy from any other lanes. It’s a statement item that you’re going to be aggressive in lane and kill your opponent. You’re, in effect, sacrificing early game sustain, vision, or anything else for more damage.

Blood Grenade works best as a kill securer in aggressive lanes. That extra bit of damage and crowd control when you just need to make sure you kill an opponent.

When should I stop buying Blood Grenades in Dota 2?

Blood Grenades are great in the early game, up to around eight to ten minutes. Once health pools and defensive stats have increased the Blood Grenade becomes largely useless.

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