Baffled by Berlin? Major trip planning in full-swing? Lets help out with our handy fan guide!

The ESL One Berlin Major’s in-person attendance starts on May 5, with eager Dota 2 fans able to watch in person at the Velodrom in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin for the final three days of the event. But if you’re traveling to Berlin, it could be quite bewildering, especially for first time travels. Then worry not, as we guide you through your trip to Berlin with out Berlin Major visitor guide!

Berlin Major Visitor Guide - Getting to the Arena

Visitors to the Berlin Major are well served by public transport (Image via
Visitors to the Berlin Major are well served by public transport (Image via

The Velodrom is around three kilometers or two miles from the city center, close to the intersection between Landsberger Allee and Stokower Street.

The Velodrom is well served by public transport of all kinds. The Landsberger Allee stop is served by the following services.


  • S8
  • S41
  • S42
  • S85


  • 18
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M8


  • 156

Alternatively, Ubers and taxis will be easy to hail and ride.

Additionally, Berlin is a very walkable city. Although, the east side of the city, where the Velodrom is located, can be deceptively large in its distances.

Berlin Major entry, tickets, etc.

The Berlin Major is sold out! (Image via ESL)
The Berlin Major is sold out! (Image via ESL)

The Berlin Major is sold out, so no tickets are available on the day. Details about entry, queues, and more are coming coon!

Berlin Major arena map

Below is a map of the ESL One Berlin Major arena, generously supplied by ESL. Click to Enlarge! (best viewed in Dark Mode)

Click to enlarge (Image used with permission from ESL)
Click to enlarge (Image used with permission from ESL)
  • Signing sessions
  • Team booths
  • Balloon artists
  • Airbrush tattoo
  • Monster energy brand activation
  • DHL booth
  • ESL Shop

Merchandise, shops, fan meet-ups

Below we've included some details of fan meet-ups, watch parties, and merch-buying opportunities!

OG Hub Watch Parties and Monkey Business Podcast Live

If you're in Berlin, but sadly not able to get into the sold-out ESL One Berlin Major, then OG have you covered thanks to the OG Hub at Level Global. Set to run on May 5, 6, and 7 of the Berlin Major, the Watch Party, plus live edition of the Monkey Business Podcast was announce across socials on May 2.

These were run last at TI11, and were a huge success. attended several of the Monkey Business Live podcasts and OG watch parties and highly recommend this event! As per the post, the events feature:

  • Opens everyday starting from 12:00 p.m.
  • Watch parties
  • Exclusive OG merch, activities, and giveaways

This will likely work on an invite system, so make sure you join the Discord to join in the fun!

Food and Drink

In the arena there's a variety of food and drink options, with stalls on all floors and throughout the arena. There's beer, soda, etc. and free Monster Energy at the Monster stand. Food-wise, there's pretzels, sandwiches, and standard arena food options..

If you’re balking at arena prices, or just want to stock up on snacks and food for the day, then don’t worry. There’s dozens of shops, cafes, and restaurants surrounding the arena, all within walking distance. 

We recommend heading down to the main Landsberger Allee road, where there’s options ranging from the pervasive (Burger King, Kebabs), to some sit down restaurants. Just a 10 minute walk to the north west is Winsviertel, a trendy neighbourhood filled with restaurants of all kinds. This is likely the best place for an evening meal, or lunch if you’re looking.

Stay tuned to for on-site coverage of the Berlin Major!